Sunday, August 12, 2007

American Justice? Esteban Carpio - Was he railroaded?

Police brutality - Rhode Island Style

Trooper testifies he punched murder suspect Carpio

PROVIDENCE -- A white plastic mask obscuring his severely bruised face, Esteban Carpio, the man accused of fatally shooting a Providence detective inside police headquarters early Sunday, was arraigned yesterday on murder charges and ordered held without bail.

Carpio, 26, was charged in Providence District Court with killing Detective James L. Allen with the officer's gun around 12 a.m. Sunday as the veteran officer questioned him about the stabbing of an 84-year-old woman.

Assistant Attorney General Paul Daly said in court that Carpio grabbed Allen's pistol in a third-story interview room, shot him twice, blew out a window with another gunshot, and jumped 60 feet to a grassy mound. He was captured after what police described as a violent struggle several blocks away, about 45 minutes later.

Carpio's relatives gasped when court officers led in the shackled man, his eyes red, swollen slits.

''Oh, my God, look what they did to him," one of Carpio's relatives wailed, adding a vulgarity about the police officers.

Carpio's weeping mother, Yvonne Carpio, a teacher at Hennigan Elementary School in Jamaica Plain who lives in Roslindale, shouted, ''Steve, tell him not guilty," referring to Chief District Court Judge Albert E. DeRobbio. Esteban Carpio is called Steve by his family.

Court officers quickly grabbed several of the relatives by the arms, including Carpio's mother, and led them out of the courtroom as family members accused police of brutality. Carpio could be heard saying, ''I love you, Mom," but his words were muffled by the mask, which court officials said was a ''spit shield" intended to protect others from blood and other fluids.

The back wall of the crowded courtroom was lined with police officers, including several detectives who glared at Carpio, a tattoo of a dragon on his left wrist.

Outside the courtroom, Carpio's uncle, Edward Thimas, expressed sorrow over the slaying of Allen, a 27-year veteran of the department. But Thimas said he was disgusted by the physical condition of his nephew. ''He's obviously been beaten very badly," Thimas said. He added that the family had tried repeatedly in recent days to get psychiatric care for Carpio, to no avail. Court documents said Carpio was a barber.

During a midafternoon news conference at police headquarters, Providence Police Chief Dean M. Esserman said Carpio was injured jumping out the window and in the struggle with law enforcement, near the AS220 art space downtown. Two State Police troopers, an FBI agent, and a Providence officer were the first to apprehend Carpio, and more police responded.

''When I saw him, he was pretty cut up," said Esserman, who said he saw Carpio soon after his arrest. Esserman said he had no evidence that officers used excessive force, although he promised to review the matter after Allen's funeral, slated for Thursday. More HERE

Hat tip to Sarhya for the link to the above video.

Esteban Carpio, has been convicted of the murder of Providence Police Detective Sgt. James Allen on April 17, 2006 and sentenced to life in prison without parole. Carpio was being questioned by the Providence Police for the stabbing of an 85 year old woman. One of the detectives left the third floor interview room, leaving him alone with Allen. Carpio then took Allen's gun away and proceeded to shoot Allen twice, killing him. He then shot out and jumped from the window, but was apprehended 45 minutes later. Carpio was thought to have been physically abused by police after his capture, due to the obvious signs of trauma to his face. An investigation into the matter concluded that Carpio was not abused and that the damages to his face were likely caused by his landing from his jump from the third story window. His trial began June 8th, 2006.

On June 27, 2006, a jury found Esteban Carpio guilty of the murder of Detective Sgt. James L. Allen and the stabbing of Madeline Gatta. The jury rejected Carpio's insanity defense, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

OH MY GOD! I lived in Providence, RI, for five years, graduating from Rhode Island College. And this is the news from my home (college) town? I am utterly disgusted!!!!!!!!!!!

What have you got to say for yourself, Providence, Rhode Island?

Brown had a Black president, the first Black woman President in the Ivy League. And great students and an African Drumming course. I thought Brown University was great from what I saw of it, but now I'd have to say, If your Black, don't go to Brown!!!!!!!

Because Brown University (and Providence College and Rhode Island College and Rhode Island School of Design) are Providence, Rhode Island, and the same thing could happen to YOU!

I'm really sorry to hear that Providence, Rhode Island has become such a hell hole!

Anonymous said...

They beat him. No question in my mind.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

He didn't get like that by himself, that's for sure!

Zawadi said...

I would have to say that being beaten and being killed is kinda " different".
I have lived in Providence for the past 2 years, I am originally from Louisiana.

I have no sympathy for the Officer who did this and his anger should have been directed at getting this person into custody PERIOD.

Now for the Man who was brutally beaten by the pig..." shall you rot in hell."

I see no one being right in this story.. Stabbing old ladies and killing people compared to getting pumpkinhead in return?.. yes i said it.. a PumpkinHead.

The Officer should not be allowed to work ever in that field, and the
accused and now jailed for life Caprio, needs to ask for forgiveness.

As for Brown University- You mean to tell me,(Bloggers) you wouldn't attend and Ivy League Institute, because of this Case? Well you might as well Drop Out of Every School in The United Snakes of America... This is Nation Wide...

I feel for the families involved.

Anonymous said...

He deserved it, karma's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the prick lived. If only the police had beaten him a little harder, maybe he would have died. Then we would have a happy ending

Anonymous said...

I agree, they shouldn't have neaten him. They should've just drilled 2 or 3 .45 cal hydrashocks into his chest. That would've solved the entire problem, and saved us from even having to engage in this conversation.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what francis holland is talking about... I don't think Esteban Carpio was ever in any danger of attending Brown, nor do I think that too many Brown students have to worry about getting the shit beat out of them by PPD, Unless that is, they decide to begin a life of crime and shoot a detective in the face while being questioned.

sarhya said...

I thought you should see this page. This has the video and a bit more. I think it needs to be seen.
This is something that should be seen and known.

Anonymous said...

Let's be realistic: of course they were going to beat him like a baby harp seal after he shot a cop and tried to escape. The desire for revenge is too stong in us.

As for the rest of us law-abiding folk: don't EVER resist arrest no matter how wrong the cops are. Don't answer any questions either.

You know the deal: if you're young and black in a white suburb, you're up to something. If you're white and working-class in the inner city, you're probably buying drugs.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for the two time murderer. Whatever beating he got (after jumping three stories down), I'm sure it was nothing compared to what he did to that old woman.

Anonymous said...

Estais locos!! Vivis en un pais de locos!!

Danny Kay said...

He deserved what he got! The should have castrated the bastard! It's not a question of being black or white. He killed a cop. Nuff' said!

Anonymous said...

I think he got wht he deserved but there is something else that makes me mad. The police most of the time will not be there for you if we lost someone we loved in a tragity like this one. So I think the police should have gotten punished for what they did. They wouldnt give it a second thought if it wasnt personal to them. I also get mad when they know that we know what they did. they know that they would blame this on something else. they have all this power behind their bage and they love it. Here we are telling them that we agree with what they did. Just remember this, if it was you in that court room they would not even bother to help you in anyway what so ever. Thats what I have seen my whole life. But to add again to the coment earlier, this asshole did get what he deserved. But I just cant bring myself to even be close to being ok about what the police did. We all know that they beet him the courts know this. I shouldnt have to even explain this you all know how this was handled

inkslwc said...

He could've gotten that way from his jump out the 3rd story window, and then resisting arrest probably after he ran.

Even if some of those injuries were from cops - he deserved it - they knew he just killed somebody - the moment he resisted arrest - I'd have shot him if I were a cop, becaue I'd already know that he's a dangerous criminal.

Anonymous said...

This is not an issue of White vs. Black, or Black Vs. White. This is about a man who killed another man, and did so in cold blood.

Railroaded? Don't be absurd. Beyond that I won't even address such a patently stupid, immature statement.

He needed Psychiatric help? Then consider that physical exertion has been known to be a very good form of therapy and to that end I do hope that this absolutely worthless piece of shit was helped by this 'intervention'.

The State of Rhode Island should see to it that this is paid at a rate consistent with what a Therapist would charge.

Hopefully he is now someone's Bitch , being gang-banged on a regular basis from within the walls of his new home, and then complaining to whomever about his asshole, er, "Rights", being violated.

Anonymous said...

I think all police should be shot

Anonymous said...

HONESTLY- if he got those bruises from jumping out of a 3rd story window that meant that his face had to have smashed into the ground which probably means he would be DEAD.. WOW laughing at peoples logic and the fact that ANYBODY with a education passed the 10th grade should and would know this so just how did the cops get away with this one? because THEY ARE COPS nobody can ever convict them, lol like honestly,

Anonymous said...

Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and until the hour of our death amen

I am weeping to the Lord Dear God deliver us unto love for our sons and daughters spare the rod spoil the child I am sick with grief over the killing stabbing and beating

Anonymous said...

Bah, this guy was fleeing from the cops and got stung by a couple bees. He's obviously very allergic to them. They put that guard around his face so this murderer wouldn't have any bees fly down his throat.

Anonymous said...

who cares how it happen. im sure had he not grabbed a gun and blasted a cop in the face hed been better off.

Anonymous said...

all ya'll are dumb as hell...i study law and there is no reason to beat the man if he wasn't arrested in the first place. you have no idea what the man went through prior to killing that officer. this is silly. he wasn't on convicted of killing th 84 year old until he killed that man. i don't agree with police beating on ppl. and for the ppl that are saying its what he gets aren't church going ppl so therefore i feel for when one of your children are wrongly convicted and questioned all night with one particular person and they snap and kill them. then ask yourself would it be so easy to say what u say

Anonymous said...

Thats just Michael Jackson after a 6 hour surgery. Hes in for Cop-a-feel killings.

Anonymous said...

How is this acceptable to all you bloggers saying he got what he deserved??? What he deserved was to be put in jail for life. There was absolutely no need for this sick display of police brutality. THAT DOESN'T MAKE THEM ANY BETTER THAN HIM and NO that did not happen from jumping out of a window!! I would love to see how any of you would react in a courtroom had your son, brother, etc walked in like that!!! You people and these police that all too commonly demonstrate policy brutality are a bunch of inhumane sick bastards!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha...the low life asshole is lucky I didn't catch him, I would have shot him in the face. Then I would cut off his penis and shove it in his coward ass mouth. Screw him, I hope he dies of AIDS after getting raped in prison.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr I study law, I dont care how many hours he was in custody, if the police dont have any right to beat him for killing an officer, then he should have no excuse for killing the officer doing his damn job. No matter how long he sat in there being questioned. I think both sides are wrong and thats it. Justice just isnt the same anymore. GOD knows the truth and thats all that matters. These people made their beds and now all will lay in them.

Anonymous said...

fuck em all fuck em all

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that you see what happened to him in the video. There is no video of the old womanhe stabbed. Nor is there video of the cop he shot in the face. These people crying over this are doing so on emotion. Justice as far as im concerned. Nothing like would have happened to him if he had not just shot a cop. Get a clue, they didnt beat him for no reason people.

Anonymous said...

does anyone really think that a 3 story fall could've hurt him even before the cops reached him ever think about that he was lucky the cops didn't kill for killing another cop

augustus schuit said...

First and foremost, the killing of the R.I. Detective is so sad and senseless...His family must feel the most sorrow and my heart goes out to them and his soul...Carpio's family is innocent in this, so to have your kin come out to the courtroom looking as though he were literally thrown under the bus is WRONG!!! I'm so sick and tired of policemen acting on their egos!!! YOU SIMPLY DO NOT TORTURE PEOPLE!!! Are the policemen proud of the soldiers in Iraq? Because they are fighting torture and terror! What Carpio did to Det.Allen is horrific and reprehensible but we don't FUCKING TORTURE in North America....You hear that you "fucking mind-less" cops who act on the edge of your emotions...if you don't like the intangible pressures of policework, don't like it, LEAVE! This Carpio individual is clinically sick. The abuse the police officers caused to him is not far off from Carpio's behaviour...Maybe those police officers would enjoy a career in Iran where punishments are carried out immediately...I couldn't sleep after seeing Carpio's face...REALLY? This is how the cops did him?(FOR ALL YOU CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE WITH NO PERSONALITY-SAVE IT! I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE SAYING***HE DESERVED IT***...No, he didn't!!! If he DESERVED that then I don't want democracy) Shame on them and shame on the FBI for not finding any officers guilty for attempted dis-figurement...

Anonymous said...

To all the idiots saying this couldnt have happened from jumping out of a window...jump out of a third story window and then come back and show us your injuries.


Dumbego said...

This is the most disgusting diplay of police brutality I have ever seen. No matter the struggle had with the police, would the police really have punched him in BOTH EYE SOCKETS in order to subdue him? No. They would have used a taser gun if they simply wanted to subdue him, or they would have shot him had he threatened then with the gun he possessed. They took matters into their own hands to deal out punishment because of the punishment he had dealt to one of their own. He ultimately got further punishment when sent to prison by the LEGAL justice system-not some assholes with badges. Esteban Carpio deserved to go to jail, but now those cops are just as guilty as he is.

Anonymous said...


nathan said...

To those saying this guy did not deserve the beating.... Go ask the detectives family.... Go ask the old lady... Seriously getting punched in the face a few times is nothing compared to what he did to others.... To liberals who whine about police brutality.... The world is not nice... It pisses me off that you spend so much time acting shocked and indignant about "brutality" instead of focusing on the greater evils of domestic violence, child abuse, and other crimes perpatrated on truly innocent people..... So what... A black man gets pulled over and runs his mouth and than gets roughed up by a cop.... Big effin whoop.... Maybe it would be interesting to know he turned his wifes face into a meat pie earlier that week.... Hate on cops all you want.... Than realize who you expect to be the first to protect us when something bad happens.... Let's hire a bunch of effeminent men for cops.... Would there lisps and soft spoken words make you feel safe? Show me a truly innocent person ... victim of police brutality and maybe I'll

Anonymous said...

one of the commentators in the youtube clip said that the mask Carpio had on was dehumanizing and made him look like an animal. Well this man is an animal for stabbing and elderly woman and killing a police officier. i am not saying he did or didn't get what he deserved but that man is an animal and it is a good this he is locked up for a very long time

toya said...

well the police should be delt with for what they did to him and on top of that they don't know if he killed that women his moma said he was sick so that don't tell you if he killed that old women then went into the station and shoot an officer in the face in cold blood so that's not sick enough.the police are gangrelated if you hurt one of them they will punish you in they own way and get away with it and far as the FBI shame on them why would they let that slide there all in a gang and if u reading this please someone step up and stop the police brutality and yes he was railroaded that was so mean i still think of him to this day i don't care what he did he didn't deserve what the police did to him i feel so sorry for his family they had to see him like that and why they lie to her when they wouldn't let her see him come now this is when the presidant need to come in some please do something to that department fuck the police

AssholeCon said...

Beat the piece of shit some more. He killed a man. Beat him and beat him and beat him for all I care.

I really wonder where your sense of right and wrong is, when this man murders a cop and you mewl and whine about is black eyes.

Anonymous said...

Im black and do not understand how brothers and sisters jump blindly behind another brother without thinking.... Esteban was a nasty piece of work. he shot an officer in the face and stabbed an old lady! I dont give a damn if he skin was like mine, i dont want any thing to do with him.... hes alive... his victims are not. He got what he deserved. He is not my brother... the cops did beat him to pulp... and GOOD !

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

We are not all "behind" Estaban Carpio. We're against that fucking mask he has on his face that seems to mask quite a bit of torture that he suffered while in the custody of police.

If our US Constitution forbids cruel and unusual punishment AFTER conviction, we should certainly interpret it to forbid pre-conviction torture as well. Or, we should just admit that we're a bunch of Nazis and should have joined the Third Reich instead of opposing it.

Ours is a country of laws, supposedly, and not of vigilante justice under the color of law.

JUDGES determine what penalties the guilty should suffer, but only AFTER they have been convicted. Anything short of that is nothing but a lynch mob, and many police officers have participated in lynch mobs, some while wearing blue suitss and others while wearing Klan suits. It's all the same thing.

Anonymous said...

how dare they put a dehumanizing mask on this poor man who murdered an old woman and had just shot a police officer in the face!
at least they didn't shoot him. i'm sure he still has a lot of good to do for society.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Actually, if this guy jumped from a 3rd story window then his facial injuries could very well have occurred when he hit the ground. Maybe he did a faceplant into a parked car. To assume, without evidence, that the police beat him up isn't fair. Then again, maybe the police beat him up, but don't assume that without proof.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I have never seen a face mask like this before. Has anyone else ever seen a face mask like this before, aside from in a horror movie.

The last commenter suggests that maybe Carpio received these injuries by jumping out the window. If so, then the face mask would have been applied by a nurse or a doctor at the hospital as a medical service, right? Has ANYONE, ANYWHERE ever seen a nurse or a doctor apply a facial mask like this one to ANY patient ever?

Just wondering, and if there are any doctors and nurses reading this then I would like the benefit of your professional experience. Is this mask something that doctors or nurses would apply to a patient as part of the curative process?

Here's another question: If a man jumped from a third story window and fell on BOTH sides of his FACE, is there anyway he could survive such a fall without breaking his neck or his back? Wouldn't he need at least one of those neck braces that people wear after accidents that cause whiplash?

I think most people who see this agree that the police beat this man's face to a pulp and then applied the mask so that the judge, the media and the public wouldn't ask what the hell happened to this man in police custody?

If the man actually killed a police officer and the judge ordered that, instead of capital punishment, the man's face should be beaten to a pulp, then I would disagree with that but at least there would be a meek semblance of due process.

However, for the police to engage in corporal punishment before the man goes before a judge and jury is not how our system is supposed to work. People are supposed to be punished AFTER they are tried in court, and only after they have been found guilty.

There is a good reason for that. There always exists the possibility that the person whom the police have charged is NOT guilty at all. In those cases, to beat the person to a pulp before he goes before trial court is a manifest injustice. And that's why the police are supposed to wait for a judge to order appropriate punishment.

Unless this rule against pre-trial extrajudicial punishments in observed in all cases, then we will have what is effectively extra-judicial lynchings in many cases. If police are going to lynch defendants then they might as well take of their police uniforms and put their Klan uniforms back on.

The KKK lynched Blacks extrajudicially while police are supposed to wait for courts to decide whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty before punishment is meted out. There is nothing in our laws that gives the police more authority to punish people pre-trial than the Klan did.
Arrest, restrain, detain, yes. Punish? NO!

When the police fail to observe that rule that people must be tried before the are punished, then police make themselves look like Klansmen with blue uniforms on.

Let's all be honest with one another and with ourselves and admit that it is quite obvious that Esteban Carpio was punished BEFORE he was tried. That's why this photograph of him is at the top of this page.

Let's be honest with one another. Has anyone, including your family and friends, ever accused you of being guilty of something when you were really not guilty? Well, what if they smashed you in the face with a frying pan before waiting for the whole truth to become apparent and before waiting for the calm of a process to determine what your punishment should be. That's the issue.

In the title above, I ask whether Carpio was railroaded mostly because he looks as if he was hit by a railroad train.

He couldn't look worse if the police had cut of one of his hands or arms.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous how people can come here and say that Carpio got what he deserved..If we lived in a world that police brutality was actually tolerated we would live a MESSED UP WORLD!
This is not a face of falling out a window..I know because my cousin fell out a window and trust his face was no where close to this..
You guys have no heart what-so-ever..Thats why we have laws and we all including cops have to abide by it...I myself work in the law enforcement and I wish..I did see the cops that did this..2 wrongs dont make a right and I KARMA IS A BITCH TO THOSE COPSS

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I agree, "Anonymous". If police are going to beat people senseless before they go to trial, how can they expect the public to simply patiently depend on going to civil trial to address what the police have done.

Violent police behavior that exceeds their lawful authority has no more legitimacy than violent public self-help in the face of police brutality.

Anonymous said...

that caprio slew a detective, and his bruises is his first comeuppance, and I hope to God not the last, I hope he gets the needle, black impoverished gnat he is

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I believe the last commenter hopes that Esteban Carpio receives the death penalty, with the fact that he is "black" and "impoverished" being aggravating factors.

That's precisely why there should be no capital punishment at all. Too many members of the public believe that being "Black" and "empoverished" are, in and of themselves, aggravating factors that should lead to imposition of the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how any of you would feel if it was your father who was shot in the face by this piece of work. I'll bet your idea of justice would be a little different then. Hopefully you'll never have the opportunity to prove me wrong.

The murderer wasn't too concerned with his own well-being when he jumped from the third floor. He took his chances and got what he got. Too bad he didn't die then. It would have saved us all a ton of money and grief.

The police have a job to do. Do you want to do it? Do you want to live without law enforcement? No thanks. I keep my ass out of trouble and guess what?? They don't bother me.

Anonymous said...

Saw this on a TruTV repeat tonight, and then found this page. This man's appearance is one of the most shocking things I've ever seen in my life and I've seen plenty. If you think about all the times you've ever seen a professional boxing match that goes 10 rounds plus, the fighters get punched in the head hundreds and hundreds of times but rarely look anything like this, even when swelling sets in later. I mean, this guy's whole forehead is swollen to a point where it has changed the entire shape of his face. He still has blood around his eyes and the pigment of his skin has changed. I mean, the police must not just have beaten him but maybe even continued to beat him over time as more and more swelling and bruising continued to set in. It's horrific.

Thinking about and knowing who is right or wrong or all the details of what really happened from the beginning is too complex. I just wish to God none of it had ever happened at all.

The fact that humans are capable of these things, whether from mental illness or not, is so disturbing that it makes you rethink your entire viewpoint on life.

David B. said...

Got off easy, should have gotten death, and suffered too, like both his victims.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I don't understand the people who think that the death penalty is a more stiff sentence than life imprisonment. The death penalty is no more painful than a trip to the dentist, and it its all over in a few minutes.

On the other hand, spending the rest of your life in a cell the size of a bathroom, with no freedoms whatever? I'd rather have the death penalty any day!

If the goal is to penalize and exact revenge, putting the person is a prison is a much greater penalty than the few moments it takes to die by lethal injection or hanging or whatever.

Personally, if I had to choose between spending one year in jail or being hung, I'd rather be hung.

Look at it this way: Many people say that it is cowardly to commit suicide, because suicide is "the easy way out" and "the coward's way out". If so, then when you put someone to death, you're giving them "the easy way out" of their troubles. The hard way would be to spend their lives in a cell the size of a large bathroom.

It's like saying, "The easy way out of cooking is to go to McDonald's, so when my children misbehave I'm going take them to McDonald's as punishment." 'The easy way out of life is a quick and certain death, and so when people commit the most heinous crimes imaginable and we want them to suffer the most, that's when we'll let them take the easy way out.'

Have you ever considered the possibility that some people commit murder because they WANT to die and they want your help in achieving it?

Because YOU value your life above all else, YOU assume that putting someone to death is the worse possible punishment for them. But, have you ever considered the possibility that some of the people being put to death actually prefer that to a life in prison, or don't care about their lives and WANT to die? Congratulations! You want to help people commit suicide!

If you really wanted to punish people, instead of act out your own emotions irrationally, you would put people in jail and see how they do there. If they seem to be enjoying acclimating well and enjoying themselves, then the death penalty would constitute a punishment for them.

If they really hate being in jail and are suffering every moment of it, then obviously keeping them in jail is a much greater punishment than executing them.

But this level of observation of individuals to determine what really constitutes a punishment for each one individually would require much more reasonable judgment and fact gathering than death penalty advocates want to engage in. They want a solution that makes THEM feel emotionally relieved more than they want a punishment that actually punishes the person who has been found guilty.

It would be silly to punish all D.U.I.'s by obliging them to be vegetarians, because at least some of them were vegetarians anyway, and the punishment is actually no punishment at all.

Some people are deathly afraid of water, so if you throw them in the water, that's a very terrifying experience for them, and it would constitute a punishment. If you threw me in a river, I would just swim to the other side at a leisurely pace.

When people say that the punishment must fit the crime, they logically would also want to make sure that the punishment fits the criminal.

I only say this because I know that people who are in a punishing mood are filled with emotionalism, not reason, and so they'll ignore everything I've written above.

Of all the people who are given the death penalty, it's probably hardest on those who are innocent. Many of the people who are guilty of heinous crimes probably didn't value or enjoy their own lives very much anyway.

Why do some people commit suicide when they're arrested? Because dying seems easier than living. At least some of the people who get the death penalty are getting exactly what they wanted, at taxpayer expense.

Cranoo said...

This scumbag killed an elderly woman and a police officer who cares what happens to him?

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I care what happens to him. The POLICE say that he killed an elderly woman, and it might be true, but I'm not going to believe it just because the police tell me it's so.

If the police had been questioning Carpio with his lawyer present, during the day instead of at midnight, his lawyer probably would have advised him against shooting the cop in the head.

Instead, the police took advantage of someone whose mother had TOLD the police that he was mentally unstable, and they questioned him with no advocate present. They questioned him without seeking psychiatric review.

Surprise, surprise! The guy whose mother had TOLD the police her son was unstable goes and shoots a police officer! Do you think that maybe they should have put him in a locked mental ward for a case review instead of questioning him at midnight, for a few hours?

Police think they act with utter impunity, but sometimes there are consequences to ignoring Miranda Rights and questioning a known mental case for hours at a time, and then sitting across the desk from him, alone, with a loaded gun.

If the police had shackled their captive to a chair and left their guns outside the interview room, the the officer who died would be alive right now.

Sure the police hate Esteban Carpio for what he did, but he couldn't have done what he did without a lot of help, encouragement, and negligence on the part of the police officers.

James said...

LOL @ Pumpkinhead.

Cranoo said...

It's now fair to say i'm racist!

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Cranoo, if you research everything I've written over the last two years, you won't find a single case in which I have called someone a "racist".

You see, since "race" doesn't exist, it's impossible to hate people because of their "race." That's like hating someone because you hate their their fairy wings or because you believe they have too close a relationship with the Easter Bunny. You can't hate somebody because of their "race". You can only hate them because of your belief that they have a "race".

Human Genome Project Disproves
Centuries-Old Concept of "Race"

According to the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, Office of Biological and Environmental Research, Human Genome Program:

"DNA studies do not indicate that separate classifiable subspecies (races) exist within modern humans. While different genes for physical traits such as skin and hair color can be identified between individuals, no consistent patterns of genes across the human genome exist to distinguish one race from another. There also is no genetic basis for divisions of human ethnicity. People who have lived in the same geographic region for many generations may have some alleles in common, but no allele will be found in all members of one population and in no members of any other."

In other words, the Human Genome Project has proven that, as a matter of scientific fact, that which we call "race" does not exist as a matter of biology, and so all references to "race" are references to a fallacy.

However, if you just look at a stranger and begin to have all sorts of stereotypical and even delusional ideation about them that is aroused by your perception of their skin color, and if this leads you to have strong emotions, and if these strong emotions lead you to engage in illegally violent behavior against strangers, then I think you may have Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder. But that has nothing whatever to do with "racism."

True, you can impute a certain "race" or sexuality (e.g. gay) to another person and then persecute that other person on the basis of your belief, and your imputation of a characteristic to them. But, your belief that someone has a "race" does not make it a fact. It's just your belief.

Anonymous said...

If you plan to:
1. Attend an Ivy league school and
2. Stab helpless old ladies and
3. Murder cops...

... then yeah. Don't go to Brown, maybe Princeton folks are more "Inclusive" of folks like you.

Matufe said...

I say what he got was nothing next to what he did to that poor defenseless old lady and as if that weren't enough, killing someone who was just doing his job. If that was one of our relatives who got killed, Wouldn't we have wanted beat the living $h¡t out of him too? Anyone who says no is a doggon liar. Besides, he obviously didn't care about getting bruised and battered anyway, for crying out loud, the freaking looney jumped down 3 floors. What? Did everyone expect him to come back looking like Cinderella at the Ball? Pleeease. I say they should've broken both hands too so he would NEVER hurt anyone else again. I have a son who's mentally challenged and gets aggressive and as soon as he even thinks about raising his hand, he knows if he touches anyone, I will personally see to it that he doesn't have a hand to raise ever again. I feel for this man's mom, as a mom I know her pain is inmense but she needs to be realistic...this isn't lil'Johnny getting temper tantrums over cookies...this is a grown man who severely hurt a helpless elderly then killed someone else. Did she expect him to get off with just a pat on the back, and oh, it's ok, we don't wanna make your mommy cry, go on home, nothing happened! She needs to wipe her tears and land on earth. HE KILLED!

Xavier said...

All i gotta fuckin say is Esteban Carpio isnt even black! So stop makin references to blacks and sayin that he was >.> Disrespectful bastards...

Wasteland_Roses said...

Saying that he got what he deserved is actually not your say at all. You are NOT to judge a person for their actions, that's GODs job. Also, saying that the cops were just reacting to him shooting the detective, which is why they beat him, is ridiculous. It's like saying it's okay for a man to beat his wife or his child if either do something wrong. I know, not the same thing, but same fucking principle. Police are supposed to serve and protect. NOT punish.

Adrian C. said...

I just saw a clip of Estaban Carpio entering the courtroom. As former a former litigator turned District Council Women, state and county i keep nameless.
i can say this based on my experience in law. Law enforces all the way up to high level local officials, have to possess knowledge of Civility, Constitional
law as it applies to state law and enforcement, and most importantly following the latter of the law when it comes to making a
professional decision while on duty. The investigators involved in the questioning and the officers involved in this horrific beating of Estaban did not
demonstrate any of these qualities during the apprehention of Estaban. As law makers and enforcers we must uphold our selves to the latter of the law at All TIMES.
this is what distquishes us, this is what makes us the gatekeepers of LEGAL JUSTICE. The FBI investigating the police brutality case against Providence, RI are held
To the same standards and their decision should've been reppealed. If adequate proof of the Carpio family seeking mental health services for Estaban prior to him being questioned about a murder, this should have been justified as indisbutable evidence of insanity and should've been reppealed as well.
This entire case from beginning to end was mis-handled. I wish the families of the murdered Sgt well and my prayers are w/you. To the Carpio family, my prayers are with you, don't give up on Estaban, get involved with community groups to stop this barbarick, illegal behavior of local law enforcement and take it as far as you can go, to the Supreme court if need be.
We need more people in the community to stand up to injustices such as this so that police officers know they can not act without impiunity. Regardless of what community you live in, you need to organize and take these issues to local officials like myself, to city council. So this doesn't happen to your son, father, brother, husband, nephew, etc.

Adrian C. said...

I just saw a clip of Estaban Carpio entering the courtroom. As former a former litigator turned District Council Women, state and county i keep nameless.
i can say this based on my experience in law. Law enforcement all the way up to high level local officials, have to possess knowledge of Civility, Constitional
law as it applies to state law and enforcement, and most importantly following the latter of the law when it comes to making a
professional decision while on duty. The investigators involved in the questioning and the officers involved in this horrific beating of Estaban did not
demonstrate any of these qualities during the apprehention of Estaban. As law makers and enforcers we must uphold our selves to the latter of the law at All TIMES.
this is what distquishes us, this is what makes us the gatekeepers of LEGAL JUSTICE. The FBI investigating the police brutality case against Providence police are held
To the same standards and their decision should've been repealed. If adequate proof of the Carpio family seeking mental health services for Estaban prior to him being questioned about a murder,it should've been justified as indisbutable evidence of insanity and should've been repealed as well.
This entire case from beginning to end was mis-handled. I wish the families of the murdered Sgt well and my prayers are w/you. To the Carpio family, my prayers are with you, don't give up on Estaban, get involved with community groups to stop this barbarick, illegal behavior of local law enforcement and take it as far as you can go, to the Supreme court if need be.
We need more people in the community to stand up to injustices such as this so that police officers know they can not act without impiunity. Regardless of what community you live in, you need to organize and take these issues to local officials like myself, to city council. So this doesn't happen to your son, father, brother, husband, nephew, etc.

Sean Malkovitch said...

Fuck him. He stabbed an old lady and he murdered another person. He was lucky to even be alive after that.

bitingontinfoil said...

THE GUY JUMPED OUT OF THE 3RD STORY WINDOW!! Of course he's gonna be cut up/bruised. As for other pics - he's a freakin' nut - likely getting in fights w/other inmates, etc. Who gives a crap WHAT happened to this two time murderer - stabs an 80-something yr old woman and shoots a man point blank in the face? Stone the f*cker.

dakota1955 said...

To all of you morons that said he deserved it.

The Fascist Police State will make sure you or your children are next.

cpomb3382 said...

Well, the FBI investigated the incident and found no one culpable of police brutality. Doesn't anyone think that just maybe a moron of this kids level might just resist arrest? I mean he semselessly, and brutally murders a defenseless old woman Then freaks out to the point of disarming and shooting a police officer IN the police station after being arrested. Isn't it just a tad plausible that he didn't go down easily or willingly when they tried to take him into custody later? As a former firefighter and first responder I've had a lot of ineractions with police officers and the horrors taht they sometimes have to deal with. If this punk had simply manned up, and accepted responsibility for the first murder, there's now way he would have suffered a single physical problem. When someone kills like this, runs, and then resists, they arrest, they are asking for force to be used against them. Unless any of you were there and can say definitiely without any question that this WAS brutality, then you don't know. If you want to see the facts ask the FBI for a copy of the report on the incident.
It wasn't brutality, or a race issue. It was a worthless piece of garbage that refused to accept responsibility for his actions that is at fault. My sympathies lie with the victims families. The police do have the right to use force to subdue violent criminals, which this guy OBVIOUSLY was. Was the mount of force used here necessary? According to the FBI it was. I tend to believe that based upon the idiot in questions prior actions.

tinamonarrez said...

First of all, this case stinks to high heaven. Police brutality is totally unacceptable. So, is it possible these officers were already beating a man who had mental issues, not yet convicted of murdering the elderly woman? Did Carpio figure "I'm screwed no matter what", and made the wrong decision to shoot the detective, and then jumps out from the third floor to escape. Once captured another bad guy acts out on his uncontrollable emotions with the killing of his comrade. Now who's acting crazy? This officer was not charged for his actions and obviously not investigated. If a person shoots another and is caught, they would have bagged those hands as evidence, take the appropriate tests, etc. Where are the photos of those hands that supposedly struck three times? Was the jury ever aware of the post-captured injuries to Carpio's face? If I were a juror on that case, I would have been influenced against the prosecution. That would have ruined the conviction wouldn't it have? If you think Carpio is an animal without due process and then our police officers who are sworn to serve and protect us act out like this then who are the real crazed animals? BTW, anyone know where I may find free transcripts on the web or statements from Carpio on his arrests?

Pink Dragon2353 said...

I have to say that he is fortunate to be alive. He can wake up tomorrow, speak to his family, take a walk around the prison yard and even have sex, consentual or otherwise. As a wife of a police officer,I MUCH prefer the latter. Dective Allen will never do ANY of those things again. His wife is a single parent now. As a parent myself, I cannot imagine being left by my husband's MURDER to raise our children alone. My police officer husband is my best friend and we discuss EVERYTHING,especially in regards to our children. I am not aware if Carpio has a wife and kids but if he does, his wife can talk with him and make decisions together during visitation. There IS NO visitation for Detective Allen's family -other than at the funeral home during the viewing of him in his coffin. What a family treat! And that is only if he had an open casket. Being that he was shot in the face, it was most likely closed.
I can understand the shock of Carpio's family- none of us want to see a family member in such condition. But we are mostly biased about our own family and do not wish to imagine any of them having done such horrible things. With emotion it is nearly impossible to take a step back to view that family members activities in another light.
I am quite sure that Carpio falling 3 stories is where the majority of his injuries came from. If you cannot see that, take a peek at exactly what 3 stories looks like as you look down. I said the majority of his injuries were due to his jump from 3 stories. Not all. I imagine after the entire police force took an hour to capture him that adreniline and emotions were running full force. I have no doubt that Carpio 'fell' several times once caught. And I cannot BLAME ANY officer for allowing emotions- Officer Allen was their FRIEND, to take over to the point that Carpio 'fell' several times while in their care. Being a police officer is being in a brotherhood- you help your brothers when needed. And more shocking than his face being bruised and swollen was the 'Hannablesque' mask that was NECESSARY since Carpio REFUSED to stop SPITTING on them. If they had beaten him after capture as his family believes, do you not think he would be too afraid to spit at them? Carpio murdered a police officer. Period. If you want to do that you had better be prepared for the ass whipping of your LIFE. LIFE,the thing he robbed Dective Allen and his family of.

Pink Dragon2353 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt said...

He deserved it, enough said. Stop playing the stupid race card. He should be lucky he wasn't shot.

So So Sick said...

I saw the video for the first time today. This truly has me sick to my stomach ....literally. We have a judicial system for a reason. Why did it work on behalf of srgt Allen, but fail on behalf of Carpio? Yes he did wrong. He was found guilty. Yes the police did wrong, they were presumed innocent.

tylercross1991 said...

Mother fukker deserved that plus more. Killing an old lady and the police chief. If I ever see him for any reason ima torture his ass more than the cops did!!!

Viki said...

All you idiots who want to say he got what he deserved, i'll ask you one question, what if he were your son?

Viki said...

All you fools who say he got what he deserved, I ask you this, what if he were your son? If you cant control your anger you have no right to claim your job is to serve and protect! There is a word for the type of government where we go out and solve crimes by commiting more crimes, anarchy! Police have mase, tazers, and man power, revenge alone is what drove them to hit him so hard they broke bones in his face NOT being resisted. Some say karma, i say conduct inappropriate of law officers! They may not be judged in this life for their crime against another human being however they will be held accountable in the highest of all courts by the highest of all judges, GOD!

Onesy said...

Honestly, if you care more about this animal being punched a few times, than an elderly woman being stabbed to death, and a young man being shot, then nyou need to take a long hard look at your moral priorities.

BunBun4life said...


He shot a cop in the face in COURT. He's a stone cold killer, and who gives a FUCK about him? I hope he fuckings dies. Fucking spigger piece of afro-mexicrap with his baboon mother running screaming in the court POLICE BRUTALITY POLICE BRUTALITY


Bologna744 said...


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zanyjade said...

well i currently have contact with mr Carpio.. and i feel very bad for the shit that has happened... he speaks of remorse and wants to better.. That still does not get the police to beat him.. the police nowadays dont care. they do what they want and all their actions are somehow justifiable. people need to get it together

Emily McKeon said...

He deserved the beating. As one comment on Youtube read: "her son shoots a cop, in the face, after stealing his own gun and she cries out "police brutality" becuase her son got beat? He's alive, the Cops dead, shes upset becuase he got what he deserved....horrible parent"
I agree with this person.

Scout- said...

Dont have enough information on this particular case to form an opinion whether I think his conviction was wrongfull or not.

What I do know is this. Its two things on opposites of the fence.

1.I know that law enforcement can be very very VERY crooked and manufactur evidence, severe your rights (as you're merely walking out of a gas station or down the street), harrass you,etc. I know alot of innocent people get railroaded,charged and convicted when they are in fact, innocent.

I also know that....

2. Alot of guilty people play the victim and innocent role. I also know that people with severe mental health problems get released or undiagnosed despite trying to obtain it either on their own or by others.

I would literally need files on this case to form a solid opinion because relying on news articles and blogs would be irresponsible.

Danny Rivera said...

He deserved every bruise and cut.. He stabbed and robbed an 80 year old woman and shot a peace officer in an attempt to evade responsibility and escape arrest. He's a piece of shit as is his family for defending a gutless thief..

Dee Monroy said...

Why is everyone in this world so full hate ?
Its very hard to know who did what in this case for the simple fact that the cop the he "allegedly" shot was white. In my opinion it doesnt really matter what race the cop was but in towns like those race is an issue. So of course they are going to make matters look 10 times worse because its a white officer, which most of them are corrupted anyway and are the number one law breakers. However taking someones life is not for us to decide only god can decide that . I was disgusted as well when I first heard about this but I was more disgusted in our system . This kid has a history of mental illness . Clearly he is not all sane, which means he should have had a fair trial and put into a mental institute instead of prison . The beating he got shows how corrupted our system is. I bet had it been a regular person in the street who had been shot, the punishment would have been less harsh and mental evaluation would have been recommended. I am hispanic and have a nephew with mental problems just like Esteban and he has been struggling as well in and out of juvi and now in jail so I can understand what the family of esteban is going thru. For the family of the officer my deepest condolensces, but hate for someone that is mentaly ill is not a solution for what happened . I pray that Esteban asks for forgivness and gets the proper treatment for his disease.

Dee Monroy said...

This ones for "Bunbun 4 life" or whatever ur name is, your in the wrong fucking era bitch if your still on that racist shit. Take a good look around you, Your white men are intergrating more and more with cultural women . What you need is some good hispanic dick so you can wake the fuck up whore ! Its fucking unbelievable that in this day in age we have ignorant people like this bitch who has a mouth to talk shit but doesnt have a pussy to add her real name to her comment. Hispanic people or black people are not the only race with problems . Thats universal pendeja and in case you dont know what a pendeja is look it the fuck up in a chinga tu madre dictionary estupida. I love when these fucking hicks flap thier gums with this bullshit when they arw nothing but euro trash and immigrants themselves . This land belongs to the Native americans so do urself a favor and sail your ass back to dumps you came from ......oooo I wish I knew who you were bitch !

shaw21 said...

All I have to say is good, and for all you tree licking babies screaming racism...STFU! He killed a grandmother and a police officer in cold blood, and ALL he got was a beating. The 2 people he MURDERED ARE DEAD. They should have dragged him into the court room with a leash around his neck, or better yet dragged him in buy his hair. All you criminal sympathizers would be singing a different tune if he killed your grandmother or father. If you love criminals so much why don't you volunteer to house some murderers and rapists when they get out of jail??? Or, if these murderous animals deserve so many rights why don't you give them a job, how about let them babysit your children!

Rick Deckard said...

Who really cares? I hate when people are "race stupid." His a killer, he got some street justice - good. I am just glad this piece of trash is gone for good. The only think that could make it better is if we didn't have to feed his dirty ass.

Rick Deckard said...

They should have hung him.

Nick Renshaw said...

Please believe me when I tell you this....Carpio might have done wrong, but 2 things are into factor; 1) the detective had his gun in the interrogation room, which is against the rules. 2) Carpio told many people in the R.I. prison that detective was beating him with that gun to question him, and he eventually snapped. Also I've heard whenever Carpio had a supposed 'lawyer visit' it was actually cops waiting down stairs for him taking turns beating him. Another man in segregation said he saw the cops put him in a seg room with no cameras on it, and he watched them taking turns all night beating Caprio.

Anonymous said...

I have to reply to Nick. Do you really think the things Carpio is spouting off in prison have any element of truth to them? Of course he is playing the victim and talking about how awful cops are, as I'm sure the other CRIMINALS he is with share his sentiment. I knew Detective Allen personally, and it is completely LAUGHABLE that Carpio is saying that he was beating him with his gun during questioning. Detective Allen was literally the most soft spoken, gentle person I ever met, and he was a 27 year veteran. He knew how to do his job without resorting to violence. It is completely ridiculous and offensive that you are placing ANY blame in the innocent officer who was shot and killed for no reason by this idiot.

Also, none of us know what really happened during the arrest of Carpio. We will never know if excessive force was used. However, I would argue that if Carpio was desperate enough to escape that he was willing to murder an officer and jump out of a three story window, he was probably desperate enough to put up quite a fight when they apprehended him. If you are resisting arrest, be prepared to be subdued by any means possible.