Saturday, July 19, 2008

17 Year Old Black male gets "on the spot - death by electrocution sentence" - Tased to death for 37 seconds in Sternum.

Police Officer in Charlotte, N.C. gets 5 day suspension for sentencing and carrying out "on the spot death by electrocution" of 17 year old black teen. The Black teen was tased 37 seconds! No national black leadership organization see anything wrong with the on-going killings of blacks by rogue cops.

Yes, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer involved in a deadly
"on the spot death by electrocution" of a teenager will not lose his job, but he will be suspended for five days.

As reported by WNCN Darryl Turner died in March after the officer Tased him seven-times longer than recommended. Surveillance video from the Food Lion where Turner worked shows his last moments alive.

It shows a confrontation with a supervisor, and then Officer Jerry Dawson arrives and fires his Taser at the 17-year-old, striking Turner in the sternum.


Tasered While Black publisher says "There is growing evidence that a number of blacks in America are receiving 'high tech judge and jury on-site electrocution' by police around the country. Not only should the justice department investigate these crimes against humanity in the streets of America, we a nation must stand up and demand the end of these actions by police who seem to be ill-trained to use this weapon of next to last resort."

As reported by station

Charlotte, North Carolina police officer is on a five-day suspension after using a Taser on a teen for too long. Darryl Turner died in March after the officer Tased him for 37 seconds, more than seven-times longer than recommended by the manufacturer of the stun gun.

Surveillance video from the Food Lion grocery store where Turner worked showed his last moments alive.

It shows a confrontation with a supervisor, and then Officer Jerry Dawson arriving and firing his Taser at the 17-year-old, striking Turner in the sternum.

"The initial use of the Taser is not in question," said Deputy Chief Ken Miller of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

For 37 seconds, Dawson continued to stun the teen.

An autopsy revealed Turner died of a heart attack.

"I wouldn't want to be Tased for 37 seconds," said Dr. Joe Kuhns with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte's Department of Criminal Justice. "I can assure you of that. It's a lengthy period of time."

Kuhns said he supports the use of Tasers.

"For the most part, their use has been effective," he said. "It's reduced officer injuries. It's reduced suspect injuries."

But a report by the National Institute of Justice study says that since 1987, there have been 300 deaths from so-called "CEDs" or conducted energy devices.

"Many are associated with continuous or repeated discharge of the CED," the report states.

"Typically, people are incapacitated with a Taser in under 10 seconds," Kuhns said.

According to the NIJ report, "There may be circumstances in which repeated or continuous exposure is required, but law enforcement should be aware that the associated risks are unknown. Therefore, caution is urged in using multiple activations of CED as a means to accomplish subdual."

Turner's family believes he didn't have to die.

"The officer was not confronted with circumstances that required the use of that type of force," said Ken Harris, an attorney for Turner's family.


Villager said...

I'm still stunned that Charlotte district attorney and police chief don't see how wrong they are in the reaction to this taser killing by Officer Dawson...

We have to remain vigilant in our reporting on these taser incidents...

peace, Villager

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Let's all blog about this together on Wednesday, July 23.

hawa said...


Perception. Color arousal. Media spin. All this crap merges into a big mess.

To some, this is "lethal force required to subdue angry violent black man."

To others, this is "domestic terrorist electrocutes another male citizen."

And still others see that "the transition to a Police State exhibits acceleration as officer receives 5-day suspension for killing an unarmed man."

The incident and the outcome represent a blatant disregard for justice. What the hell is this world coming to????

::sigh::shaking head::

Langston said...

It is absolutely ridiculous that people would feel even the slightest bit comfortable with something this ridiculous. This is worse than the police brutality video from

Anonymous said...

First, black people in America, we need a strong voice today, someone who is not afraid to speak the truth against white people. Someone like Malcolm X! Secondly, Black Men of American, why can't you stop selling drugs and be the strong African King that you once were! White men have always been threatened just because your a black man with many STRONG qualities. Third, my young black brother's, please go to school to become police officers, lawyers, and judges. This is the only way to flood this Jim Crow, racist, unfair system in America. Force all the "white folk" out of jobs and take over....and maybe if you treat them like they've treated us for so many years, meaning sending them to jail for crimes they didn't do, beat them 50 plus times over the head like they continue to beat our black men, or better yet, take them out in a field like they did our ancestors and slave them from sun up to sun down and put all the profit in our pockets! WOW, I can go on and on but dang, I don't have enough time in a year! I made my point! Black people, please we need to stop these atrocities that continue to be forced upon us!

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I agree with anonymous that something must be done, but I don't believe it's a matter of vengeance, which leads to a never ending circle of violence.

I think what we need to do is set the boundaries for what we will NOT accept and we need to say, 'This time (and this other time and in these other cases) you have gone to far. When you violate reasonable boundaries to kill Black people, this is how Black people respond, and you don't want to go there.'