Monday, September 1, 2008

Why Did Male Sherriff's Strip This Woman of All of Her Clothers,, and Then Leave Her Naked for Six Hours?


anthonyhosea43 said...

A new report revealed both the Wellston Police Chief and Assistant Police Chief pointed loaded guns at one another, with Robert Cossia threatening to shoot his boss.

The report was prepared by Pine Lawn police and turned over to prosecutors. The findings were serious, embarrassing, and could lead to criminal charges.

“We are not at liberty to discuss or speak about the incident that happened, but it is going to come out in the wash,” said Chief Brian Gilmore.

A recently obtained report shows two men, bullets away from a tragedy inside Wellston City Hall.

Investigators said it started when Chief Gilmore had a contentious payroll meeting with a female officer. Assistant Chief Cossia entered the office and wanted to speak to everyone involved, including the mayor.

The report says a conversation quickly turned into a shouting match between Gilmore and Cossia. The assistant chief said Gilmore struck him in the chest. Cossia said he was then forced to defend himself by choking Gilmore.

The chief had a different version of what happened and said he only made a move after he was choked. Both admit Cossia was pushed, causing him to fall backwards and break a desk.

While on the ground, Cossia said he drew his .40 caliber handgun. Cossia said he pointed his gun at Gilmore, who responded by pulling his loaded .9mm handgun.

No bullets were fired and the altercation was broken up by Wellston’s mayor. The mayor, who has heart problems, had to be treated at the scene. The Saint Louis County Prosecutor’s Office is looking at the report. They could determine if charges will be filed by as early as next week

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable. But far more unbelievalbe, and much worse, is when the average joe views this and sees it as an abberation rather than what it really is: reality. God damned cops. Fuck.