Monday, January 5, 2009

Video of Police Shooting Black Youth In Back

H/T One Black Man from the blog, Black TalkRadio, who reports:
Whether or not the police officer meant to shoot this young man in the back as some are claiming is irrelevant, there was no reason to pull a gun out on a person lying face down on the ground being pinned by other officers.

Mecury News writes:

OAKLAND — A BART police officer struggling to handcuff a 22-year-old man, stood up over the facedown Hayward resident and fired a single shot into his back while a handful of officers watched, a video taken by a train passenger apparently shows.

The attorney for the family of Oscar Grant III, fatally shot by an unidentified BART officer early New Year's Day, said Sunday he plans to file a $25 million lawsuit against the department and asked prosecutors to consider filing murder charges against the officer.

The shooting occurred shortly before 2 a.m. Thursday after five officers responded to the Fruitvale station to reports of a fight on a train, officials said, though they have not confirmed whether Grant was involved in the fight.
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