Friday, February 27, 2009

Mike Brennan, Black Expat in Vienna, Brutalized by the Police

Here is a disturbing message I received from Angela Shaw in Toulouse:

I just got off the phone with a friend in Vienna about our meeting in April in Utrecht and she tells me about this. What is not mentioned in the news coverage is that almost exactly 10 years ago the Austrian police brutalized and "killed" another black man, again on some "mistaken" identity excuse like they used for the Brazilian guy in London. It is high time that we get ECIS and NAIS to address the issue of "visible difference" and the peculiar implications of the spread of "white supremacy" especially in the aftermath of the election of Obama.

This story made the US news:

An American teacher who was attacked by Austrian police who mistook him for a drug dealer said Monday he believes he was singled out because he was black and that he is taking legal action against the police for assault.

Read the full story.

It appears that not only was he brutalized by the police, but also treated poorly in the hospital.

Read the details for yourself.


Justice for Mike Brennan said...

Check our blog and facebook group, please help spread the word.

Facebook: Justice for Mike Brennan


Thanks for your help!

Expatriate said...

The worst countries in terms of expat experience are the United Arab Emirates and China, where most expatriates find it extremely hard to integrate into local society or make local friends.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Expatriate, that's good information for me to have about China, because I've wanted to go their and learn Chinese for some time. But based on what you and others have said and written, I think I would have more realistic expectations about the reception I might receive.

I wonder if China is considered terrible for Blacks in just the big cities or throughout the country?

Unknown said...

here we are 4 or 5 years on and Mike has not received a penny of compensation. He lost his job at the Vienna International School when his 3 year contract ran out. Without a means of existence he had to move back to the US where he now barely survives on a meagre salary at a charter school. From that salary he has to pay his ongoing medical expenses--sometimes needing treatment 3x a week at great expense. He has an 8 year old son left behind in Vienna and he saves what he can to be able to visit him once in a while or fly him over. there is no justice in this world. Those criminal cops are still on the job---one got a 2800 Euro fine.