Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Black FaceBook Group Reports Houston-Area Strategy to End Color-Aroused Traffic Stop Police Persecution

There is a new Black-led Facebook group, called "Slow Down Police Color Aroused Traffic Stops and Brutality," Seventy-two FaceBook members Have joined the group in its first twenty-hour Tewhe group encourages drivers in Houston, TX, particularly, and elsewhere, to scrupulously follow all traffic laws intended for public safety, even if doing so to the satisfaction of color-aroused police causes traffic to slow to a standstill in Houston, TX and elsewhere.

Phil Pierre-Paul, a young Black college student and writer for New Jersey Institute of Tecnhology Stute College Newspaper, who started the group to follow this movement, says,
Black people are tired of constantly being regarded as [traffic] law violators . . . In response, some have started a campaign to protest police color aroused traffic stops and brutality.
The campaign is intended to raise awareness of driving carefully and to show participants determination to be law-abiding citizens. [even if the effect of such scrupulous obedience to each and every traffic law is that streets and highways slow to a crawl, or become entirely impassible.

. . . As a young black blogger, I have created this group to follow this new initiative of driving carefully. Facebook Group
This new Facebook blogs is repleat with Texas laws citations and advocacy links that suggest
strategies for driving slowly while following the applicable Houston Texas traffic laws, to avoid being stopped by police and also to demonstrate the enormous commercial, tourist, and shopping dislocations that will result from Black drivers exhibiting the level of Hoston ,TX police and elsewhere.
I certainly hope these efforts are succesful, since the only proven way to make whites concerned about Black civil rights issues is to demonstrate how they effect whites as well. The scrupulous driving that will be required t stop traffic stops of Blacks will inevitably slow down Houston, TX highways and elsewhere, making Blacks and white drivers allles in this effort to reduce unwarranted police stops and free the highways for dricing once again.

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Anonymous said...

good thing houston police never pull over hispanic or whites ect. I bet there is not one racist black or dark skin cop in houston. what a joke i hope people wake up and stop giving special attention to all u special interest retards that is rascism