Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Blogs Joining December 4 “Stop Taser Torture – Blogging For Justice Day.”

Please register your blog for this year’s 2nd annual “Stop Taser Torture – Blogging For Justice Day.” It's time to take this to a new level.

Join us on December 4, 2009!

Here are just a few of the blogs who have signed up this far.

Pam’s House Blend


Electronic Village

Police Brutality Blog

African American Political Pundit

Francis Holland Blog

Tasered While Black

From My Brown Eyed View

All About Race

Black Women In Europe. blog

Antoinette’s “Point of View”

Inteligentaindigena Novajoservo



A Lovely Promise

The Unapologetic Mexican

This Blk Sistas Page

TNT – Truth … not tasers

Carole Mcdonnell Blog

Eddie G. Griffin (BASG)

We have almost 2,000 signatures at:

We want to expand the discussion on the issue of tasering and how the issue threatens us all. Register via email: or send me a return email.

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