Monday, May 23, 2011

White-Looking DC Police Bloody Wheelchair-Bound Man's Face When They Throw Him to the Pavement

African American Pundit says, 
The Internet is buzzing on The D.C. Police Beat Down of a wheelchair bound man.  Check out how the  D.C. Police are caught body slamming the Wheelchair-Bound Citizen. The two officers, identified as Washington D.C. cops, were caught on camera ... The video entitled “DC police abuse homeless man in wheelchair”, .... I called for police assistance and all they did was beat me up. More HERE
I certainly hope the President won't say that the police acted "stupidly," because that would only get these two Pigs an invitation to the White House Lawn, for some German beer.

Instead, Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States of America, should investigate whether wheelchair-bound Americans must be dragged out of their wheelchairs and thrown onto the ground, with their faces slammed against the pavement, in the process of arresting them.  Why not just frisk them and call for a police van?

In the age of the Internet, our America "freedoms" are visible all over the world.  This was not a good day for freedom.  That's what the world thinks as the view this video.

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