Saturday, July 2, 2011

Black Pastor Says He Warned Police that Local White Youths had Launched Two Year 'Campaign Of Harassment' Before They Murdered James Craig Anderson.

An anonymous tipster brings our attention to an enormous color-aroused injustice in Mississippi.  White youths were wilding for two years in Jackson, MI, before they finally killed a Black man.  Keep an eye on the penalty the two white alleged youth murderers get for murdering a Black man.  In economic terms, prices influence buying behavior.  Just as people buy less coffee as the price increases, whites would kill less Black people if the prices they paid for killing Black people were increased.
A Brandon pastor said he had warned police and school officials that if something wasn't done about Deryl Dedmon's behavior, the teenager may one day kill someone.

Dedmon, 18, is charged with murder in connection with the Sunday death of James Craig Anderson. He is accused of running Anderson, 49, over with his truck. Dedmon is currently free on a $50,000 bond.

Pastor Brian Richardson, of Castlewoods Baptist Church, said his son, a student at Brandon High School, was bullied by Dedmon."My son was harassed by Deryl Dedmon. 

Beginning in 2008, specifically September 2008, Deryl began this campaign of harassment against my son and it continued for two years," Richardson said.Richardson said in 2009, his son called police after Dedmon and a group of boys confronted him at a Brandon pond and tried to start a fight. He said the group, including Dedmon, tormented several teens in the community, using racial and homphobic slurs.
Here's the anonymous tipster's account and opinion:
It seems that a group of white boys had a favorite past time that included, bullying, fighting, and terrorizing others with racial and homophobic slurs.  It is noted the white Pastor who is speaking out against one of the culprits in this hit and run murder said that the he feels that the high school and police did the best they could; I don't recall hearing him say that, but I see that it is written.  However, I feel that everyone failed these white boys, by dismissing their behavior as boys will be boys, even the African American  judge that gave one of the primary agitators such a low bond referred to the tow head boy as a kid. It's tragic that everyone in their community failed these boys in the end result is that these boys murdered because they're white, because they feel entitled, and because their illusion of whiteness made them feel they could get away with such a hideous act. 

Had these two young men been born a Tyrone or a Jamal, their reign of terror would have never been able to breathe light.  They would have been suspended from school early on, arrested and doing time on terrorist threats, and would more than likely spent their time at a juvenile facility as the result of the constant fighting and harassments.  It seems that the poor people of Mississippi are so color aroused that they're having a difficult time distinguishing who is and who is not a "thug,' especially if it comes in white face, and that is unfortunate for us all, because again, there are no winners in this situation, a man is dead, and parents are reaping what they've sewn when they allowed hate to fester in their children.

I see how the comment section in several of these articles I have read attempt to accuse the MURDER victim of wrongdoing.  They're questioning why this man was out early in the AM hours, stating that a fight was initiated by the victim, and their suggesting that the man was a drug dealer well before facts are even put together.  It is the black victim's fault for ruining the lives of these two white boys.  I'm appalled that would even be considered. I'm also distressed over the kid glove treatment one of the perpetrators is receiving.


Cruz said...

That is just a sad story. How frustrating that must be to know someone's potential for evil, see it coming, warn others, but then have no way to stop it.


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Francis L. Holland said...

Cruz, you are so right about that!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the idea that Pastor Brian Richardson (or his son, Jordan, for that matter) was Black? This video was posted the day before your posting was made: . The fact remains that a local pastor whose son was harassed in school by Dedmon went to the police and told them that Dedmon was out-of-control and dangerous enough to kill someone. But jumping to the conclusion that the pastor was Black? -- a race-based assumption, maybe? One of the things that triggered Dedmon's harassment of Jordan was the fact that Jordan's circle of friends were not all of one race. The Richardson part of the story is also about prejudice against social integration of the races, more than just a sharp line between one race against the other.

Unknown said...

What's up with these parents!! Pretty said but this is the south and they for the most part live in the past or have a hard time changing. I have several friends that are Black and Hispanic. We are all children of God. I know there is good down there but also know how bad things still are.

It's really sad some think they are better then others. Is this really the best these parents can do for these young men, especially when we have young men giving there life for this great country. Shame on them. They say blowing out of proportion? How would you want people to act for your
unjustified death!!