Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Deryl Dedmond Case Spotlights Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder

The case of Deryl Dedmond, a white teenager who seems to have suffered from Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder (ECAD) that led him to murder a Black stranger, seems to be getting massive attention in the United States, as it should.  Apparently, Deryl Dedmond led a group of white teenagers to get in their cars and trucks, drive from their all-white suburb to Jackson, Misssissippi, pick a Black man at random, beat him to within an inch of his life, and then run the Black man over with a pick-up truck. "According to CNN, the teens were specifically hunting for a black victim."

Curiously, police have decided to charge only two of several white youths in this case, including murder for Dedmond and assault for his companion.  Compare this to the Jena Six case, where no one was seriously hurt and yet three Black men were charged with acts including attempted murder.  This case will be an object lesson about the criminal (in)justice system, regarding the way that Blacks and whites are investigated charged and sentenced in similar cases, based on their skin color.

It also seems obvious to me (see the above video) that Deryl Dedmond was led to the act he committed by a serious mental illness called "Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder" (ECAD) because:
  • Witnesses say that Dedmond showed aggressive and antagonistic behavior toward Blacks over a period of years.
  • Dedmond came to the attention of people in his community as a result of his color-aroused ideation, emotion and behavior;
  • Witnesses believed it was only a matter of time before Dedmond committed a serious color aroused crime, which is a hallmark of Extreme Color Aroused Disorder.  Anyone who will kill a stranger based on his skin color has a serious mental illness called Extreme Color Aroused Disorder.  Color Aroused Disorder is "extreme" when the color arousal leads one person to murder another, because murder itself is extreme and often leads to long jail sentences that separate the mentally ill person from his family, friends and educational or professional career.  An illness that seriously harms a person in that many important areas of his life is "extreme" per se.
Now that we have seen what Deryl could do based on his awareness, ideation, emotion and behavior concerning his own skin color and that of another skin-color group, let's see how the criminal justice system and the media treat this case.

Hopefully, Deryl Dedmond is already getting some psychiatric attention that might eventually lead from an extreme condition that causes him to commit murder and lessen the illness until he can at least not kill based on his ideation and emotion.   He may need medication that enables him to control strong emotions more successfully and also to help him reduce his rage to the point where he can engage meaningfully in therapy that addresses is apparent Extreme Color-Aroused Disorder (ECAD).

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Lady said...

Deryl Dedmond has no mental illness, he suffers from hatred that was instilled in him probably by his racist parents. This mental illness bullshit is just a ploy to try to escape the death sentence. He drove 20 miles to kill a black person that he did not know. I guess the white men who killed Emmett Till were mentally ill. He laughed and bragged that he "Ran That Nigger Over" that is not a sign of mental illness.