Sunday, September 11, 2011

Afrosphere Bloggers Urge Financial A$$istance to CoC, to Stop Planned Execution of Troy Davis in Georgia, September 21

Donate money at Color of Change, to save Troy Davis' life
this week.

Over the last four of years that I have been participating, we in the afrosphere, often with the leadership and political acumen of Color of Change, have come together and reached out to the public at large, and specific politicians, to fight cases of injustice in the color-aroused political injustice system.   We have sometimes achieved unexpectedly rapid successes by organizing across professions, income levels, skin colors, and unrestrained by geographical boundaries.

We have realized that "the system," from 911 calls to the gallows, is stacked against Blacks, and so we have fought back with electronic weapons of communication and organization that were never before available to us on this scale. 

              "Indifference is the essence of inhumanity".                       ~George Bernard Shaw~

Today, Field Negro brings our attention to a case that we have fought long and hard.  We have won over and over again, by postponing the execution, and seeking new consideration for a probably-not guilty man, but we are down to the wire again.  We have to reach out to the Black and progressive public, in the state of Georgia, through mainstream and targeted media, to delay the work of the guillotine, save the life and postpone the death of Troy Davis.

Color of Change has a new paid media publicity strategy, aimed at the Georgia Parole Board:
The day we’ve dreaded is finally here:a Georgia judge issued a death warrant for Troy Davis. It shocks the conscience, but despite all the doubt hanging over the case – all the evidence that Troy is likely innocent – Troy is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection as soon as September 21.

One of the most powerful things we can do for Troy is making sure that his story gets told in the state of Georgia. Can you chip in $10, $20, or $50 to help buy advertisements with the potential to reach thousands of Georgia residents?  Please give, while Troy Davis still has a few days of life left.

Field Negro documents the pleasure of Republican color-aroused antagonists from all over the country, now, as the doors between life and death threaten to close with a quickness behind Troy Davis.
( . . . ) a man who very well could be innocent of the charges brought against him, but who, nevertheless, the state of Georgia plans to put to death on September 21,2011. *more applause*

Oh field, there you go playing defense attorney again.

Well, please consider the following:

# Almost all of the nine witnesses who gave evidence at his trial have recanted or changed their testimony

# A state's witness now says another guy murdered the officer, Mark Allen MacPhail

# No DNA evidence link him to the crime

# No fingerprints, either

# Nobody ever found the murder weapon

# Davis has maintained his innocence since his arrest (h/t Gawker)

Not good enough to put reasonable doubt in your mind? How about the following?

"...upon reviewing his case a federal court held in 2010 that he hadn't proven his "actual innocence" because his post-conviction body of evidence was either "not credible and would be disregarded by a reasonable juror," too general, or both. The presiding judge didn't allow Davis's lawyers to call any of the recanting witnesses—who pinned the murder on a different man at the scene named Sylvester "Redd" Coles— because they hadn't subpoenaed Coles to testify. However, the judge asserted that, even if the lawyers had called Coles to the stand, he might have confessed to the crime just to enhance "his reputation as a dangerous individual." Based on this logic, we should now assume that everyone who's ever confessed to murder probably did so only to enhance their badass reputations and therefore should be released from prison, because they're innocent.

In March the U.S. Supreme Court decided not to give Davis more time to prove his innocence. Despite all the evidentiary issues, Georgia's superior court has scheduled his execution for September 21. The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles has scheduled a hearing two days before Davis's government-issued death; Davis' lawyers will call some of the recanting witnesses, and maybe the board will be influenced by what they hear. If not, then Davis will be executed.." [Source]

Congrats Governor Deal, if you put Troy Davis down, you too can run for president and get all the adoration and applause from your party loyalist.

We are one day away from September 11th. And the psychos who flew the planes into those buildings were inhumane and had no empathy for their fellow human beings. They represented the worst of what humanity has to offer.

Come September 22, 2011, we will find out if they have more company.

*Sign the petition to save Troy Davis, here.
Many readers have already signed the petition with their name.  Now, we need to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$sign the petition with our money, to support Color of Change's strategy of pressuring the Georgia Parole Board through paid media buys.  This is the only known change that Troy Davis might have left.

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