Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kingsley Burrell, aged 27 years old, died in what appear to be extremely suspicious circumstances in Birmingham.

Save the Date: March for Kingsley Burrell Saturday 11/08/12 (Time TBC)

Justice for Kingsley

As at 18th June 2012 the current status is - No officers convicted of a death in custody in the UK since 1969 despite 11 unlawful killing verdicts and over 1000 such deaths; over three hundred  and thirty of these since 1998.
More statistical information available from INQUEST

Kingsley Burrell, aged 27 years old, died in what appear to be extremely suspicious circumstances in Birmingham. It is reported that he called the police after he tried to talk to a group of young people who were intimidating him and his 5 year old son. He was subsequently arrested himself and detained under the Mental Health Act. Days later he was in intensive care and subsequently died 31st March 2011.

Fifteen months on Kingsley’s sister confirms that his body has still not been released for burial… it is truly inhumane that his body has yet to be released also that it takes so long for the matter to come before the courts…We can no longer be ignorant to the tactics that are being used in order to keep us from the truth... from justice being done...The family will be marching again 11th August 2012.

This is not a letter encouraging an Anti-Police protest but a peaceful NATIONAL show of solidarity by the community in order to support these families on the long and often lonely journey in seeking justice for their loved ones.

This march (as have others previously) will continue to make it clear to the Authorities that the Community is very much aware and concerned and will no longer allow our loved ones and members of our community to be unlawfully killed without us seeking answers to the pertinent and very painful questions, notwithstanding that in cases where there has been foul play, the IPCC investigation is comprehensive and balanced and that those responsible are held to account through the court.

I write this letter to petition YOU the Community both in the Midlands and further afield to attend and support the family of Kingsley Burrell in the march planned for Saturday 11th August 2012, the march will start at Summerfield Park, Icknield Port Road where the incident occurred with Kingsley and finish with a rally outside Centenary Square on Broad Street. Times will be confirmed at a later date.
Community this is just shy of two months’ notice. Please continue to share the details of the march among your organisations, friends, family, and colleagues and across your social networks we owe it to the families and the Community to show our support.
For more information regarding Kingsleys case please go to
Signed a concerned community member...

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