Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pig Attempts to Mace, Punches Black Woman 4 Times for Biking on Sidewalk

In the above video, a white-skinned police pig attempts to mace a Black womam for riding her bicycle on the sidewalk. So intent is the pig on macing her rapidly that he accidently sprays the mace backward, into his own face.

In retribution for what he has done to himself, the pig is then seen punching the black woman four times or more while she is being restrained face-down by two other officers.

I believe that when three officers arrest womnan for riding her bike on the sidewalk, Black communities are in need of self defense.

Some will say that this woman should have submitted earlier. Some will say that rape victims should have sbmitted to avoid angering the rapists. I don't compare ant behavior to rape lightly, but I believe that Black comunities across the country are being serially raped by pigs with guns, badges, and now 50,000 volt electrocution devices which sometimes fail and leave victims alive to face charges in court.

Forty-five years ago, Black Panthers used the slogan, "Off the pigs!" precisely in response to cases far worse than the one videotaped above. At that time, police typically explained shooting Blacks in the back by asserting that the victims were trying to run away.

I wonder if the police officer in the above video regretted spraying the mace after he had sprayed himself in the face? I wonder if officers regret taking outh their electrocution devices in those cases when members of the public get control of the devices and use them to shock the police officers.

America has a Black president and a Black Attorney General, both do gooders of gret courage, but it seems to me that the only thing that has chaged over the 45 years since the Panthers began acting in aemed self defense is that police now videotape their behavior so that all white juries can ignore what they see and "convict the man of darker skin."

I don't think the word "pig" is extreme in light of the "under-color-of-law" behavior to which individual Blacks and our communities are being subjected. If they don't want to be called pigs, they should stop behaving like pigs.

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