Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taser International Calls Black Man "Most Dangerous Subject"

Le Taser iRobot PackBot Explorer
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Watch this video and see if it makes you feel any safer as a Black man in the United States of America, when you are expressly called "the most dangerous of subjects".

As Pandagon says
Expect the deaths and misuse to continue - and we’ll hear less about it if they circle the wagons. Soon we won’t have to worry about humans shooting humans with the release of this weapon of nervous system assault from Taser (it was pulled from its web site once word got out about its portrayal of “the most dangerous subjects” as a big black man).
"The day is fast approaching when robots will perform the most dangerous missions by engaging the most dangerous subjects…Taser and Irobot have formed a strategic alliance to make that day a reality."

Taser International

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Anonymous said...

Really does it matter if he was black or white? If this was a white guy instead, it would be considered not out of the ordinary. Please think respectfully of everyone, instead of assuming things which in the mind of some will only conjur up notions which are obviously invalid. Rather silly i think.
D. Lee Oliver