Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Latino Grandfather, Pregnant Woman Tasered at Baptism

Hat Tip to Gabriel at Color of Change.

all parties agree that county police officers arrived at a children’s baptism party being held at a private residence, then Tasered a 55-year-old Bible study teacher three times and Tasered a pregnant woman once, in front of a yard full of kids, including her kids, and family members. Then they read rights. To the grandfather and the pregnant woman. For ‘public intoxication’ and ‘assaulting a police officer,’ respectively. As they lay temporarily paralyzed on the ground. RaceWire

Are these folks "Black"? Watch the above video and it's clear that they're brown enough to be considered "black" by police officers, and also they commit the heinous crime of speaking Spanish (as well as English). We have to remember that many Latinos from Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Cuba and other Latin America countries share our African descent.

And even if they didn't, police ought not go to baptismal parties, shock and risk electrocuting grandfathers and pregnant women, all because five and six year olds are making noise at a party (acting like children) in their own backyard.

There's something terribly wrong with the United States of America when its police behave this way and then cities, towns and hordes of white people defend this sort of police behavior.

Just as whites artfully moved to the suburbs and closed public pools to avoid integration, I believe many whites who would have been Klansmen a couple of generations ago, with white hoods to protect them from fallout, those same kinds of people are now joining police departments so that they can engage in Klan-like behavior under color of law.

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Ripple said...

Here are the facts as we know them at this time.

15948 Donald Curtis Drive • Woodbridge • Virginia 22191





PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, VIRGINIA . . . This press release is an update to the

release dated July 29, 2009, concerning a loud party complaint resulting in two arrests.

In view of some media requests concerning the matter, following are the facts as they

are known now. The investigation is still open but, absent additional information, will be

concluded in the near future.

On 07-26-09, at approximately 7:50 p.m., the police responded to the 9600 block of

Lafayette Avenue in Manassas to investigate a complaint involving loud music, subjects

drinking and detonating fireworks. Additionally, the caller advised the activity had been

going on since 4 p.m. and seemed to be getting “out of hand.” When the first responding

officers arrived they contacted the homeowner, later identified as Edgar Rodriguez, who

was highly intoxicated. The officers, one of whom is bilingual, explained the noise

ordinance to Rodriguez in both English and Spanish. Rodriguez acted disorderly,

cursed at the officers and refused several requests by officers and family to turn down

the music and identify himself. Rodriguez was then told he was under arrest for being

intoxicated in public and although he was in his yard, the arrest was lawful. Rodriguez

physically resisted the officers’ attempts to arrest him and force was necessary to

subdue him.

Family members attempted to interfere with Rodriguez’ arrest. At the same time, a large

group of persons at the party approached the officers prompting the officers to call for

additional assistance. During the incident, the homeowner and a woman identified as

Leticia Elias were arrested. The arresting officers used the Taser to successfully arrest

Rodriguez and Elias. The Taser was briefly utilized one time on each arrestee in the

touch stun mode to produce compliance.

The Chief of Police ordered an internal investigation regarding the use of force as well

as the allegations Mr. Rodriguez has made to the media. Mr. Rodriguez did not file a

complaint with the police department nor has he cooperated with the investigation.

Ms. Elias was interviewed as part of the internal investigation. She also informed jail

officials and police that she was not pregnant. The results of the internal investigation

disputes claims made to the media by Mr. Rodriguez.

It should be noted that the Police Department documents and reviews all use of force

incidents, including where no injuries are involved, as a matter of routine practice. In

this case, an expanded internal investigation was conducted due to the claims reported

in the media. Based on the facts that have been established to date, it appears that the

arrests made on July 26, 2009, are lawful, within policy and appropriate.

* * * more * * *

Lafayette Avenue arrests update

Page 2


Edgar Amado Rodriguez (homeowner)

9628 Lafayette


*Charged with Intoxicated in Public and Resisting Arrest. He was released on $2,500

bond and has a court date of 08-28-09.

Leticia Elias

9628 Lafayette


*Charged with Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Obstruction of Justice,

and Resisting Arrest. She was released on 07-29-09 and has a court date of


* * * end * * *

1st Sgt. Kim Chinn

Public Information Office Supervisor

Mounted Unit Supervisor

Prince William County Police

8900 Freedom Center Boulevard

Manassas, VA 20110