Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Police Officer Slams 84 Year-Old Woman's Head on the Ground

If she were a grizzly bear,
then a game warden would show greater concern for her.

How many Whitehall, OH white police officers does it take to subdue an eighty-four year-old Black woman with a steak knife in a mall parking lot? It's take one policewoman to grab the woman by the hand and flip her over her back, slamming the woman's head onto the ground so hard that she gets a head wound that requires stitches to close. Then it takes four more police cars to hold the crowd back while the 84 year-old woman is "subdued".

Now, although the woman officer threw this woman's head on the ground, we have to consider what they would have done to a 40 year-old Black woman: they'd have shot 50,000 volts of energy at her with a pre-trial electrocution device, or they might even have shot her six or seven times, because they "fear for their lives" in the face of a woman with a steak knife.

And yet, we can't help but wonder if there isn't a better way to disarm an 84 year-old woman, aside from karate flipping her over the police officer's shoulder and banging her head on the ground.

What's clear in videos like this one is that a game warden would take more care with a 500 pound bear than these police officers take with an 84 year old woman who can't weigh more than 120 pounds.

Congratulations to the Whitehall, OH police department! They've shown that they're more afraid of and violent with a little old lady Black lady at the mall than a game warden is with a full-grown bear, a moose, or even an aligator.


10-10 said...

All you reveal in this posting is how little you understand self-defense training and lawful police tactics.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I don't think I'll ever understand how police "self-defense training" compels them to slam an 84 year-old woman's head on the ground.

If "shoot first and ask questions later" is the kind of self-defense training police get, then it's no wonder that they so often show an absolute lack of a sense of proportion when dealing especially with Black people.

If the person holding the knife was a young and able-bodied man, I could more easily understand flipping him over. But all you show with your comment is an utter lack of concer for "bom senso" (common sense). An 84 year old woman with a steak knife ought not be treated the same way a 19 year-old man with a steak knife would be treated.

The commentor shows what police too often show: A wanton lack of concern for the safety of even frail people and and utter lack of a sense of proportion.

I hope I NEVER understand why the police shoot people in the back, shoot them while they're handcuffed face down on the pavement, shock them into falling off a bridge, etc.

As I said above, police officers should spend some time training with game wardens, since games wardens seem to know how to resolve situations without first resort to ultimate acts of violence.

GoldenAh said...

If there weren't any witnesses they would have (enjoyed) killing her. This wasn't an example of police training, these were racists pigs run a muck.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I agree with you, GoldenAh. If this had occurred in the woman's home instead of a mall parking lot, surrounded by witnesses, I think the police might have shocked her repeatedly with their 50,000 volt electrocution devices, and then shot her a few times in the back for good measure. After they handcuffed her hands behind her back.

Lord knows, an 84 year old Black woman still poses a life-threatening risk to a bunch of police officers who have been trained in hand-to-hand combat.

I guess if there had been two 84 year old Black women there would have been a real risk that the two of them together would beat the hell out of the police who arrived in those four additional police cars.

This lady had a knife and a cat has ten claws, but police don't grab a cat out of a tree and then slam its head against the pavement. If they had only treated this woman with the consideration they give a stray cat then this woman might not have ended up with her head bleeding.

Have you ever seen a cat's head bleeding after police get it down from a tree?

Anonymous said...

This just goes to show you how these racist pigs treat ALL Black people regardless of age or disability. This elderly lady had alzheimers (my father had this dis-ease)but we never slammed him around like these white pigs. She was also on a cane; and only had one hand w/the knife. These white pigs could have easily grabbed the knive and treated this elderly lady with the respect she deserves. If this was a white old woman they would have treated her like {she} was their mother. These white pigs are not going to change; they have a 'policy' (police) to kill and incarcerate ALL Black people.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

You're right anonymous. This is an example of how they treat ALL Black people.

I think it's fair to call officials who behave like this "the pigs". They feed at the trough of color-aroused violence against frequently helpless people.

On television news, I saw a full-grown alligator being taken off a highway. Although one bite from this alligator could have killed anyone nearby, they still didn't flip it upside down and slam it on its head.

This goes to show that they're more "afraid" of frail old Black women with a steak knife then they are of an alligator, all of whose many teeth are more dangerous than that steak knife.

Police officers' "fear" is a lot of color-aroused bullshit. They act out of hate and fear only treating Black people like human beings.

Anonymous said...

It appears that most police officers pass their self defense training with flying colors, but apparently a lot of them don't even show up to the COMMON SENSE class.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Yeah, I think they train police officers to forget about common sense and exercise police overwhelming and utterly disproportional force, particularly with Black people.

AllanDuke said...

Great blog!

Anonymous said...

"An 84 year old woman with a steak knife ought not be treated the same way a 19 year-old man with a steak knife would be treated."
Your innards don't care how old the knife wielder is. A knife can be a deadly weapon in the hands of a 4 yr old or a 94 yr old. Consider all the tools the officer could have used: verbal, hands, mace, baton, taser, handgun. Verbal tactics didn't work and it seems to me that all other methods would be more likely to cause permanent injury than the one used.

Elie said...

THE whole world should know the name of this police officer goon. I think her name is Tammy Scott. That 84 year old woman did not posed a direct threat to this sadistic, heartless bully. If we don't stop this kind of thuggish behaviors by the police we could be next. Shame on officers Tammy Scott and fullerton. Please pray for Ms Virginia Dobson

Anonymous said...

That old skank got what she deserved. Act like an old lady get treated like an old lady, act like a lunatic, get a police beat down. Too bad they didn't tase her too.

Anonymous said...

This comment is for the person who stated that she got what she deserve. What an asshole you are. You obviously have some serious mental issues and need help.

What makes you think that anyone deserves that type of treatment. If it had happened to you or "your mother", you would think differently.

I wish someone would come up and taser your ass just for the hell of it for saying something so stupid and insensitive.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

The police officer could have taken out her nightstick and whacked the woman in the hand or arm where she was holding the weapon. She could done so from a greater distance than it took to approach the woman, grab her by the hand and flip her over, making her fall on her head.

The police officer could have sprayed a tiny bit of mace in the general direction of the woman and then taken advantage of her inability to see to take the knife from her hand.

She could have let the woman walk on, gotten behind the woman and grabbed her by the wrist, and then held tight, painfully shaking the knife out of the woman's hand.

She could have used her nightstick to whack the cane out of the woman's other hand, which might have caused her to fall, but not on her head.

She could have waited for back up while another officer manuevered unseen behind the woman to grab her by the hand.

If this was a five year-old with a steak knife in one hand a cane in the other, would you still think that flipping the five year-old child over on her head was the only way to disarm her?

Wait! I know the answer. Police are trained to flip people over on their heads regardless of their age, size, or medical condition. That some training police get. A computerized robot with no sense whatever could be given the same software and exercise equal judgement.

Anonymous said...

what ever did happen to plain old common sense...forget your police training, killer instinct, and possibly racists views...and use your head. body slamming a weak, frail and harmless old woman is incomprehensible. This police acted STUPIDLY, and I'm not retracting my comments.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

"Stupidly" is an adverb that ought not be retracted, although extremely color-aroused might be more specific.

Chaotic Planet said...
Tammy Scott has done this sort of thing before in a parking lot. Someone take her badge and make Whitehall, Ohio accountable to the public it is supposed to serve.

Anonymous said...

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Defense said...

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narcissist78 said...

The woman has a KNIFE. Do you think the officer should have let the woman cut her? Or trip over her own feet and end up stabbing herself? I'm not sure what else she could have done. An old woman with a knife can do harm. I don't think it matters at all what color she is.

Neutralfate said...

Really? This is one of the worst blogs I have ever seen. It immediately jumps to "OMG SHE WAS BLACK!" not the facts of it like "OMG SHE HAD A KNIFE" and when asked to put the knife down did not. Yes it could have been handled differently as far as maybe hitting her with the nightstick and well potentially breaking her old frail brittle bones. OMG THEY BROKE HER BLACK WRIST! Yeah...Okay onto the next scenario....Taser...Ohhh Fun time...Jump start her heart...Maybe even kill her...Or maybe make her heart beat faster? Make her feel a bit younger...Or like I said...Probably killer her...OMG THEY TASED A BLACK WOMAN AND SHE DIED...WE DONT CARE THOUGH SHE HAD A KNIFE IN HER HAND...BUT SHE IS BLACK! BLACK BLACKIDY BLACK BLACK...Who cares?!?!? White people aren't as racist as people make us out to be. Its black people swearing up and down we are racist...Therefore making black people more racist then we are. Whatever...Grow up people.

Michael said...

I am white, 60 y/o and this event illustrates why I take extra care while driving through Ohio. I learned long ago to for-go rest stops, gas stations and restaurants until I get to Pennsylvania. Ohio police, state and city, have been out of control my entire life. Kudos to the cameraman.

wwj745 said...

All you people saying this is all about race really need to open your eyes. The only ones who think this was about race are the racists. Race is all they see. The cops do this to anyone regardless of race. Don't you clowns understand that they only use race to keep people divided? Most people do not care about race. They only judge if they are treated decently and fairly regardless of the race of the other person. I wish more would listen to the words of MLK. Judge a person by the content of their character not the color of their skin.

wwj745 said...

Jasmine Gomez said...

For all you people who live under a rock and feel like racism doesn't exist why don't you watch some of these video. Get real and stop living under a rock.

I bet you guys will excuse all this away too. Give me a break.

Suzannah King said...

The police do this kind of behaviour to all cultures. I am a white woman that was slammed to the ground & they broke my rib, finger & smashed my head on pavement. I was charged with assualting an officer. All caught on CCTV & police lied in their statement. I'm in the process of suing.

watchnu!!!!!! said...

I live in Columbus OH and had a run in with these freaking Whitehall police where they pulled their guns out on my and my son for they claimed I made an illegal right hand turn into a parking lot that caused me to make a right hand turn to pull into it....hhhmmm I had just moved here from NY and never in my life have I have been accosted by the police in that manner they should be ashamed of their selves for slamming an 84 yr old woman on her head I don't give a damn what the hell she had in her hand they could of easily taken the knife from this woman with no problem be for real and some of you dumbass stupid ass people who are making dumbass stupid comments yeah it's best you stay anonymous dumbasses!!!!! I pray to God that something like this happens to you or someone in your family then we'll see how you will see things then!!!!!!!

The people Et Al said...

White Black Latino Don't make a differance She was 84 and a potential target for Thugs.My Mom is 84 my dad 90 and couldldn't defend themselves against a 9 yr old let alone a armed storm trooper whose department policy is obviously SEARCH AND DESTROY not protect and serve.Not an ounce of common sense between all those American Terrorists The witness's should of intervened and SUBDUED the cop citeing abuse of power ,doing so is protected under the good samaritan act. The only thing nessesecery for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing. Next time people take a stand disarm the cop abusing their power ,make a citizens arrest by calling the state police and the DOJ and keep filming.Justice will prevail