Thursday, October 29, 2009

Detroit Police Raid Mosque, Kill Black Muslim Leader

Well, it's alright to be a white separatist, but for Black people it's back to the future, the way police raided Panther Party offices across the country and annihilated the leadership.

Meanwhile, Rippa says the US Government has Afghanistan's president's brother on the CIA payroll and has for the last ten years. I don't know that the US Government can implant "democracy" in Afghanistan by offering the populace CIA paid politicians as choices on election day while slaughtering anyone who disagrees with the US puppet Government enough to oppose it militarily.

Let's see what Obama does. By refusing to decide on the 48 additional troops the military has requested, he probably saved a few thousand lives and at least postponed the torture and round up of teenage and adult men that would begin as soon as the US military began kicking in doors, looking for "the enemy."


Anonymous said...

Obama is just a puppet also,,
Obama is going to look like a nice guy and shake hands with every one but the truth of the matter is that he sending thousands of troops to Afgan i mean 60,000 troops plus,,,
the truth my friend is that were getting ready for the first world Masonic government coming up,,,

Anonymous said...

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