Sunday, October 25, 2009

Police Beat and 3x Electrically Shock a 120 lb Black Woman on Her Own Front Porch

Marlyn Rivas was electrically shocked three times
and beaten by three police officers
on her own front porch

Hat Tip to AAPP at Tasered While Black.

It seems like one of the dangerous places for Black Americans is on the doorsteps of our own houses, particularly when police are involved. Amadou Diallo died in hail of police bullets on his front porch in New York. Professor Gates of Harvard University, was arrested entering his own house. And now Marlyn Rivas, a 26 year-old who weighs 120 pounds, was beaten and electrically shocked three times on the porch of the dwelling where she lived. And then she was charged, of course, with "assaulting an officer."

A 26-year-old woman is alleging she was subjected to excessive force by Portland Police after they Tasered her three times and beat her on her own front doorstep two weeks ago.

One of the officers involved in the alleged incident was former sheriff's deputy Brett Burton, who transferred to the Portland Police Bureau last year, following his involvement in the death in custody of James Chasse, jr. in 2006.

The alleged victim, Marlyn Rivas, was returning from a friend's house party in the Pearl District late on Saturday January 17, where she admits to having drunk heavily. After being dropped at her house in NW Portland by friends, Rivas struggled to unlock the front door to her building, and evidently, another concerned resident of the building called the police. Rivas, who says she does not remember all of the incident, says she remembers being grabbed from behind and yelling, "leave me alone, I live here, this is my house!" The Portland Mercury

Remember the Texas teenage football start who was shot to death in his own front yard just before Christmas. The police just couldn't believe he was driving his own car into his own driveway. That's why I live in Brazil. If somebody shoots me here, it probably won't be someone who is paid with my tax dollars.

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