Monday, December 3, 2007

Tasered Black Women Driver - Thanksgiving Day

Another Torture Victim
Tasered Black Women Driver - Thanksgiving Day

Why are black women and men being tortured throughout America and no one is saying anything? Not our congressional leadership, not one black mayor has called for an investigation for why black folk are be tortured and being "Tasered why Black." Hat Tip: AJ at the blog
over analyze it

Check out this new incident provided by It shows an assault and torture of what sounds like a black women, because the black women did not give her registration and insurance information quick enough. See the dashboard police camera showing incident. Also check out what the women says.

Keep in mind Cpl. Thomas O'Connor begins yelling at this man 16 secs in and asks him to step out 27 seconds in.

(O'Connor's explanation)
(3 day suspension document)
(Other video)


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ATBW said...

I am another tasered black women. I am in Virginia and was tasered in my home by a white police officer for no reason in 2005. It is unfortunate that this continues to happen. It's good that NAACP is investigation these incidents. Perhaps, it will STOP.

Another Tasered Black Women (ATBW)