Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wichita Police Taser deaf man who could not hear verbal commands

Wichita NAACP Holding Wichita Police Department Accountable

WPD Officer uses a Taser gun on a deaf man who could not hear verbal commands

On November 20th, a man by the name of Donnell Williams, 39, was at home alone . Mr. Williams is hearing impaired, has a glass eye, and walks with a slight limp. He was taking a shower when 4 officers responding to a call of 'shots fired' knocked on his door. Mr. Williams did not (and could not) hear them and he continued to shower.

When he exited the shower, he walked into his living room, dressed only in a towel to find 4 Wichita Police Officers, one of which was carrying a bullet proof shield. Mr. Williams saw the officers gesturing to him, but could not hear what they were saying so he motioned towards his hearing aid which was sitting on his dining room table.

When Mr. Williams turned to get his hearing aid from the table, he was shot with a taser gun by one of the officers. (remember; he was wearing only a towel, and motioning towards his hearing aid which was sitting on the table) more HERE and HERE - Hearing Impaired Man Tased by Police more HERE

These types of activities are being tracked on the blog Tasered While Black


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

This is disgusting. I'm so glad the "Tasered While Black" blog has been started to document these cases all in one place, so that we can get some Congressional hearings into this scourge. (I've placed a link to the "Tasered While Black" blog at the top of the right column of this blog.

AAPP said...

Thanks Francis. there is an all out assault on black men, black women, even people with disabilities are under assault in the states. These taser assaults are out of control