Friday, December 7, 2007

Tasered to Death: Reason - Excited Delirium.

Now the reason why black folks (and other folks, usually poor whites and Latinos) will be killed by police taser is because of Death by Excited Delirium.
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Yes you heard me, as reported NPR : Death by Excited Delirium may just be the greatest new diagnosis or coverup.
You see, excited delirium is a controversial diagnosis increasingly used by medical examiners to explain why people die (mostly black) are suddenly in police custody.

Police agencies and police training groups are warning police: "During the restraint process, the subject will often be grunting and making animal-like noises."

(CBS) You may not find the diagnosis "excited delirium" in a medical dictionary, but it’s popping up more and more around the country, especially when people die right after brawling with the police. More HERE

Get this,
The PoliceOne website says, excited delirium (ED) episodes most likely occur between Thursday and Sunday, with Sunday the most common day, Lawrence has found. The hot months, May through September, are the most common time of year. Male subjects in their early 30s are most frequently afflicted, with subjects under 20 or over 50 least likely; female ED subjects are "extremely rare." Of illegal substances potentially involved, cocaine is most common (more than half the cases). Alcohol is common, too. More HERE

Sounds like the time black folks are out having a good time to me.

So, watch out black folks, police department accross america are training about
excited delirium, and black folks are the target. Warn your babies, warn your children, black males are warned. Don't forget if you get zapped by 50,0000 or so volts in succession, never grunt or make animal-like noises you will be zapped, again, and again, and again, until you are dead.

Have a safe and un-tased holiday.

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Franzik said...

Regarding the article by Laura Sullivan, aired on NPR February 26, 2007, "Death by Excited Delirium: Diagnosis or Coverup?"
I comment on Part 1 of 2
Focusing on the identifying language “excited delirium,” which one interviewee says is not recognized by, psychiatric or medical associations but is by the more unscientific psychological associations. Which I add, has not removed itself from accompanying military interrogations (August 20, 2007 and ACLU). I believe that use of the "excited delirium" label is counterfit, and as callous as the beatings. Language is very powerful. Why should the Board of Medical Practice let police hide their involvement and responsibility from the public this way? It reads as a defense for excessive force and attempts to weave upon social concern the apathy they desire; a disconnection of reason. It is likely that growing incidences of excessive force are raiding our cranial vaults to make us feel too outside of this new scientific knowledge to know what is really happening. Their reconstruction of the scene seems more like fabrication. Ask again what is causing the increasing gap in our scientific knowledge. They really should be fined and punished for inventing a counterfit diagnosis, and also those permitting them to utilize it. We are too close to accept that dumb distance. I am from Portland, Oregon. My ears will now tune in to Part 2.