Sunday, December 20, 2009

(Black) D.C. Detective Admits to Pulling Gun at Snowball Fight

According to the Washington Post, a Black "D.C. police detective angrily confronted a group of (some white) snowball fighters, at one point even drawing his weapon, after they pelted him and his Hummer with snowballs near the intersection of 14th and U Streets NW Saturday, witnesses said." Responding in part to this and other videos, D.C. police said the detective, who they have declined to identify, has been assigned to desk duty pending the outcome of an investigation into the matter.

Are police officers as intelligent as they should be, and do they show good judgment?

When someone with a camera and a microphone asked the detective whether he had pulled his gun at the snowball fight, the detective responded, "Yes, because I got hit with snowballs."

Asked twice, "What's your badge number, Sir? What's your badge number?" the detective asked in response, "For what?!"

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