Friday, December 25, 2009

White Youths Attack Black Police Officer's Car, Assault Officer w/Snowballs and w/the White Privilege of Impunity

Hat Tip to Rippa.

Here's another lesson in white supremacist privilege. If your skin is white, you can throw snowballs at a Black police officer's car and then chant and pelt him with snowballs even after he identifies himself as a police officer.

If your skin is brown, and you realize that you have pelted a white officer's car with snowballs, you will run when you realize that the man in the Hummer is a police officer. Even as you run, you will hope not to be shot in the back.

If your skin is brown, you'll understand that someone has to go to jail when there is a confrontation between Blacks and police officers. That's just the way it is.

So, what made these white college-student-aged youths in the video above believe they could throw snowballs at a Black officer who had his gun out, and continue to argue even as a second back-up police car arrived?

Their skin is white, pure and simple. The object lesson here about unequal justice in the United States is that police clearly have a different posture toward whites than Blacks. Whites are perfectly aware of this and that's why white youths can stand and argue with police and even through snowballs at them, while Blacks must turn and run.

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