Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NYPD Kills 72 Year Old Man Over SeatBelt Violation

Hat Tip to the Intersection Between Madness and Reality Afrospear blog for the following excerpt, with the story told in full at Rippa's blog.
Police said the wife didn't have identification for her seatbelt summons, so her 72 year-old husband ran home to get it, and then died of a heart-attack.

The woman's lawyer, Bonita Zelman, said police refused to let the husband drive home to get the ID. Instead, he walked home about half a mile back and forth and returned to the pharmacy about 45 minutes later.

While the husband was away, the wife got her medicine and the cops wrote her a summons based on her name and address from the prescription.

The couple eventually got back in the car and drove off. About a block or so away, Robert Hudson collapsed behind the wheel and later died at Franklin Hospital.

"There was no reason not to let him drive home," Zelman said. "He wasn't the one getting the summons. Instead, they had him walk home. He tried to walk as fast as he could, but he's 72 years old and some of the walk is uphill."
It's cases like this that compel the existence and persistence of the Police Brutality (and Atrocity) Blog.  Making a 72 year-old man walk 45 minutes to get identification for an alleged seatbelt violation is attrocious.  Regardless of the skin color(s) of the police officers involved, a white couple would not have been treated this way. Nobody should be treated this way!

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Investigative Editor said...

Oh that is just terrible, if the poor old man had not done anything wrong at all. I couldn't believe that NYPD police would ever treat a 72 year old man like that, when it was the wife who had the seatbelt infringement. GD.