Saturday, February 26, 2011

Was Star Black MS High School Football Player Billy Joe Johnson Murdered By a Sheriff's Deputy Because Johnson's Girlfriend Had White Skin?

African American Pundit (AAP) asks how and why a seventeen year-old  star high school football player Billy Joe Johnson died on the road, shot with a shotgun, in the presence of a George County, Mississippi sheriff's deputy?  The police say Billy Joe Johnson had tried to break into the house of his white girlfriend (he had the admiration of girls of every skin color), but the police also say that Billy Joe Johnson died in a typical traffic stop, after he ran a red light.

The police say that the sheriff's deputy went o radio from his car when all of a sudden Billy Joe shot himself in the mouth with a shot gun, and the shotgun was found laying on top of him.  I wish the late Johnny Cochran were alive, such was his ability to show the absurdity of police testimony before a jury.  But, Johnny Cochran has gone on to greener pastures, leaving his his legacy for the rest of us to emulate.  'If the story doesn't fit, it must be bullshit.'

So which of the police's two stories is true, if any of them is true.  Did he die because his white girlfriend called the police after he allegedly tried to break into her house?  Did he die because he ran a red light in a typical traffic stop?  Or did he die because he was the most famous and renowned member of his community, beloved by all except those who viscerally hate Black men, and particularly Black men who date white women.

This case shows the poverty of the word "racism".   If the sheriff's deputy was responsible in some way, was it because he was envious, jealous, color-aroused to envy, jealousy and fury by Johnson's bichromatic relationships, or did he die because white policemen believe that all Black men deserve to be in prison or dead.  Did Billy Joe die because he didn't bow and scrape in the face of the sheriff's deputy?

It seems to me that the white girlfriend whose home was allegedly the target of a break-in attempt by Johnson that night is a valuable witness in this case.  Did she call the police?  Was she afraid of her boyfriend?  Or is this alleged detail just another piece of propaganda invented by the George County, MS Sheriff's Department in a bold attempt to legitimize the execution of a star football player who had not even allegedly committed a capital crime or threatened an officer?

Don't the police ALWAYS come forward with some unrelated and alleged act of wrongdoing in a young Black man's history in an attempt to demonstrate that police probably made the right decision when they decided to execute a Black man during a traffic stop?

This case stinks like rat that died in a hidden corner of the House of America.

There is so much that we don't know.  That's why we call on Attorney General Eric Holder to visit the family in Mississippi and comfort them in the knowledge that the Justice Department is doing everything possible to find and disseminate the facts in this case.  If President Obama can meet on the White House lawn with a police officer whose feelings have been hurt, then certainly Attorney General Eric Holder can meet in Mississippi with the grieving and anguished family of the late Billy Joe Johnson,  promising them as much action is legally warranted after a full investigation.

It cannot and must not be a capital crime for a Black teenager to be a star football player and to date women regardless of their skin color.  And Black young men must not die at random at the hands of sheriffs' deputies in the States of Mississippi in the year 2011.

I call on Attorney General Eric Holder to personally meet with the family, and to order the questioning of the sheriff's deputy and the white girlfriend, and gather others evidence as the facts warrant, before deciding what action is appropriate to vindicate the right to be alive, even if you are a star high school Black football player with a white girlfriend in Mississippi.


KeithBrown said...
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KeithBrown said...

The police don't kare anymore. Blacks we need to stand for the rightfulness like Blacks did during and before Doc.MLKJR. Them government and white house peolpe don't care about noone or less it's going to help them look good at doing their job. F... Obama until we really see change. Own presdients wanna fight in warz but can't even control their on fucking country but, they wanna go and take shit from other countrys. That's why the iran and tailbans bombed the us or still trying because, they're not playing that take over shit. If another country wanted to bomb with the U.S. It makes perfect sinces. (ex.)The U.S. going to kill or distroy (whatever) before they kill people in the U.S. That's want other countrys doing to the U.S. people. From my understanding we went to wAr all because 9/11..R.I.P.NY..Then why the hell we fighting for oil when Bush got bout 4oil wells with his sengie azz and did help the U.S. out. This the last thing then im gone. Why did the United States have the emeny help us to locate were the emeny hide an plain and then find out the whole time the tailbanz,(don't have time to look up the word 4 coorrect spelling,bare w/me) but find out that they was telling all the other tailbanz and there own country what the United States has plain to attACK and how,when,where, there going to attack. FUCK THE US GOVERNMENT....(RIP 2PAC)

lele said...

I just feel that we are unaware of what really happened unless we were there.Yes cops and others still are racist but we can't assume what is not proven. This is a sad incident because this young man had potential to something big in life. I just wish people would be more positive because life is too short to live in so much cruelity. Racism is still going on today and it's a shame

sajidch said...

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