Friday, February 4, 2011

Video Shows Houston PD Hit Teen With Car, Kick Him Repeatedly in the Head and Groin

African-American Pundit tells me that the biggest news in the United States right now is this: Houston police rammed a Black teenager with their car, causing him to fly over the car and fall on the other side. And then, with Chad Holley on the ground and his hands in a position to be cuffed, the police kicked Chad Holley in the head over and over again, while also kicking him in between his legs, in the reproductive organs.  According to Houston's local ABC affiliate , the video shows:
Houston police kicking, punching, and stomping teenage burglary suspect Chad Holley who had run, but was now clearly trying to surrender. That video obtained by 13 Undercover . . .
Watch the video and tell me if you see what I do.

This is one more incident and example of proof that police in the United States of America believe that hitting, stomping and killing Black people is part of their job description.

I am a US citizen. Sometimes people offer to pay my way back to the United States for one reason or another. Each time, over the last seven years, my answer has been, 'No', and what you see on this video is part, but only one part, of the reason why.


christopher_freeny said...

I hate what happen to that boy, it was unJustice and those laws, cops, those d*cks should be locked until death and never allowed to see the day of light again. The charges should be Attempted Murder, Assault, and Assault with a DEADLY WEAPON. No question asked it on video tape, there's no hiding the fact that they did what they did and didn't care. Because they have a badge that doesn't give them any specail acceptions. If you try to run a person over with your car it's attempted murder and your car is now known as a deadly weapon. And then, only then you and your group of co-workers, friends, family, ect. beat a person it assualt. No matter how anybody looks at it there's no righting their wrong.

Taking with Chief Redelk said...

Honey,, dirt bag cops don't care if you are Black or White. Lets understand one thing. THEY are abusing everyone, all races, all sexes, all ages.. I wish we could stop all police abuse NOW.. I am mixed White and Native American. They think I am white but still that don't make no difference. In Shreveport La. a White Cop beat a WHITE WOMAN very badly.. yes a white male cop hitting a woman and he did not care about her race. Evil is evil it knows no color or race and evil cops hurt all people.. To many cops have a THEM and US complex. THEY Protect THEM and beat all of US.. This has got to change. All races need to work as one people to stop this NOW. Don't let them weaken us by dividing us. We can no longer see race. Red, Yellow, Black or White we are all one in Gods, sight..Lets move as one brother and sister in truth and love to stop this evil that has been upon all of us way to long..Bless you,